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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. lost at sea. authorities expand the search for seven americans missing for more than two days after their charter boat capsized in the gulf of california. at least one person died, 35 others survived. this morning one of them shares his harrowing ordeal in an exclusive interview. judgment day. jurors enter their first full day of deliberations. a verdict could come any moment. we're there live. and, oh, baby, kate reportedly reveals her desire to have children to a fan in canada. now people on both sides of the atlantic are wondering if an heir to the throne could soon be
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on the way "today" tuesday, july 5, 2001 1. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome today on this tuesday morning, i'm ann curry. >> i'm carl quintanilla in for matt. those sailors have been in the water for more than 48 hours but searchers say they could still be alive because the waters in the gulf of california are so warm and calm. >> it all began early sunday morning when the boat have 43 people on board was caught in a storm. it took more than 16 hours for the first survivors to be rescued because many had to swim to shore. they're telling incredible tales about what they had to endure. we'll have the very latest ahead. the body of a young woman
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discovered where missing indiana university student lauren speier was discovered. we'll have a lot more on that. also, mornt health news. why your diet soda could be bad for your waistline. let's get to the missing tourist in the gulf of california. we have this report from san felipe. >> reporter: the search for missing has turned up little by air or sea. mexican navy and u.s. coast guard pinpointed the sunken ship but no sign of at least seven americans. sunday 35 people swam ashore or were found floating out at sea. the sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted were still alive. >> it was like a dream, but we survived. >> reporter: he was on "erik" when it capsized during an electric storm sunday at 2:30
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a.m. the ocean and sky were black. panic filled the air. >> the realization came when the ship actually lowered itself into the water, like the "titanic" movie. i remember the smell of diesel fuel burning my skin. we decided to swim for land and it seemed closer than it was. >> reporter: like many, gibson swam in shark-infested waters for 16 hours. he clung to a cooler to stay afloat before he reached land. craig was lucky. he was pulled from the sea onto a small boat. >> we hope to continue to search -- the search and rescue mission continues. >> reporter: the "erik" left for a week-long holiday exdigs. two miles from shore, the boat was crushed by a series of 40-foot waves. american fishermen had come to mexico for legendary catch and the area's unmatched beauty.
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but the ship's crew tells nbc news that the captain was warned twice by harbor master not to leave the pier. bad weather was approaching. >> translator: the port was closed. there were no ships coming or going. but we left anyway. >> reporter: less than a full day into their trip, the 43 aboard the "erik" would be in the fight for their lives. 43 men share an unbelievable story of survival but at least seven still remain missing at sea. >> miguel, thank you. charles gibson swam for his life after the fishing boat sank. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when did you realize that the fishing boat was in danger of capsizing? were there any warnings in advance of that? >> my roommate came in and woke me up from a deep sleep and said, charles, the boat is sinking. get out. i realized it was a problem. in order to get to the stairs, some crew members had to push and pull me because the ship was
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listing about 45 degrees. i made it to the top and turned and pulled some other people out. >> there were some reports that the captain was warned ahead of time not to leave the pier because of bad weather. was that mood prevalent on the boat? did you feel the same way? >> i was not aware of it. >> what about safety gear available on the boat? how many people had life vests, as far as you could see? >> well, we could see everyone had a life vest. >> you were with about seven other people hanging onto this cooler and then you were separated. what happened after that? >> well, we tried to swim to a light we saw on the horizon. and after about three hours, we figured it wasn't working because the light didn't get any closer. we sdoided to swim. for shore. and we all got separated. and then for about nine of the 16 hours out there, i was alone. >> and during that time, you had
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some pretty tough conversations with yourself, didn't you? >> well, i think it was a total of my life experience that i kept relying on, my family and friends and situations to help me continue to swim. i had to swim the whole time in order to try to fight the current to get to finally what i called the big rock. it was a big island in the middle of this area about maybe 5 miles from where i started. >> and when you were discovered, were you still alone? how much time did you spend alone once you were finally out of the water? was there any chaos around you? try to describe the environment you were in. >> well, the environment to get to the big rock, first i was thrown into some huge boulders. and i felt my body crushing, so i had to jump out of there in order to keep from being knocked out or killed in the rocks. so i jumped to the other side, which was kind of a more smaller
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rocky beach area. and i asked the lord to give me a hand to get to the shore. and suddenly a big wave came over and i rolled with the wave in order to get to the shore. and i rolled again with the second wave and i rolled with the third and crawled to the beach. and i took my life vest off and posted it on the stick to notify people i was there. and i found a corner and i slept because i -- my body was totally exhausted. >> after 16 hours -- >> after about three hours -- i'm sorry? >> i was going to say, after 16 hours you can understand why. you've taken this trip before a few times. would you hesitate to take it again? >> yes, i would hesitate. >> i think we can all understand that. charles gibson, we're glad you're safe and thank you for sharing your story with us. >> thank you, carl. >> now here's ann. another major story this morning, verdict watch is under way at the murder trial of casey anthony with the case now in the hands of jurors. nbc's kerry sanders has covered this trial from the beginning. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, ann. the 12-member jury got the case shortly afternoon july 4th and deliberated until 6:00. they're back at it again today. it's the eight women and five men who now must sift through hundreds of pieces of evidence and more than 30 days worth of testimony. do they believe, as the state claims, that casey anthony is guilty of the premeditated first-degree murder of her own daughter caylee? closing arguments lasted two days. >> any way you slice it, any way you put it together, casey anthony is killed of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: on sunday and on the july 4th holiday, prosecutors tag-teamed the case, ripping the defense's claims caylee accidentally drowned in the backyard pool. >> if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool, not floating in a swam down the street.
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>> reporter: in his closings -- >> fantasy searches, fantasy forensics, phantom stickers, phantom stains, all of this nonens. >> reporter: defense attorney jose baez argued, the state's case -- >> that's nonsense. >> reporter: -- was flawed. he said the only thing they proved is casey is a liar. >> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served only one purpose. and that was to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> reporter: but monday as the state got the final word, prosecutor linda asked the jury to remember, casey failed to alert anyone for 31 days that caylee was even missing. >> counsel suggested that the detailing of what miss anthony was doing during these 31 days
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had more to do with the state trying to prove she was a slut? did i hear that? >> reporter: and the state asked, why would caylee have duct tape across her nose and mouth? why would casey's father george do that as the defense says? >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> reporter: as she wrapped up, prosecutor played the words of the one witness who never took the stand. casey anthony herself. >> the phone call -- >> reporter: calling home to her mother the day of her arrest. >> mom. >> what? >> no. i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. are you kidding me? >> casey, don't waste your call to scream and holler at me. >> waste my call sitting in, oh, the jail? >> reporter: prosecutor when that was played artfully stepped away from the position where she was in front of the jury and i watched as jurors had nowhere
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else to focus other than directly across the courtroom at casey anthony sitting there listening to that call. the final image left for the jury to consider was this photograph the prosecutor put up on a monitor. a tattoo casey got just two weeks after her daughter died. that's italian for beautiful life, bella vita and juxtapose the against another photograph taken a week after caylee's death of casey out dancing at a nightclub. let me correct my math. it's seven women, five men on the jury. a jury of 12, ann. >> kerry sanders, thank you so much. star jones is a former prosecutor and veteran legal commentator and savannah guthrie is "today's" legal koes correspondent. aren't female jurors more harsh in a case like this than males? >> in my experience, mothers are always putting themselves and their children in the place of
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the victim and the defendant. >> intentional wisdom is that women are tougher, particularly on female defendants. an extotally people ask me about this case and i have found women tend to be tougher. >> and much more passionate. 31 days kills every woman i've spoken to. >> that said, evidence appears to be largely circumstantial. after six weeks of testimony, we don't really -- no one seems to know how this child died. >> in my experience as a trial attorney, i actually preferred circumstantial cases because i could build my story along. a lot of direct evidence, eyewitness testimony, is unreliable, as you know. i'd much prefer to have this level of forensics, this level of complicity. and even almost conspiracy to be able to play off with in front of the jury. it works for me. and you don't have to prove how the child died. that is not an element of the
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crime. >> but then does this not make for some chaotic deliberations inside that jury room right now? >> first of all, let me show you. you have a nine-page verdict form and 26 pages of instructions back there with these jurors. have you to feel for them. they haven't been able to talk to each other about the case for six weeks. they've sent back with those instructions, elect a foreperson and no how-to manual. how should you organize yourselves? how should you look at evidence? jurors talking saying we took a straw poll at the beginning, where do we stand? i think they can dispense with the line to law enforcement charges rather quickly. she lied to law enforcement officers. but they'll be hung up on first-degree murder and they have several charges to consider. >> isn't that to some degree because the case can be made there is a great deal of reasonable doubt? dwloo the interesting part is initially we thought, okay, premeditation, first-degree, that's going to be tough to
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prove. but in the -- in florida vated child abuse they underline felony here. if you prove casey anthony committed aggravated child abuse or in the process, say, by putting tape on her mouth and chloroforming the baby to keep her quiet, that's enough to get you two murder in the first degree. if the baby dies as a result of those actions. and a lot of people say it could come down to some jurors believing just that scenario and some jurors believing she did it on purpose. >> one point about florida, whatever path jurors choose to take to first-degree murder, they don't have to be unanimous. six jurors could think it's felony murder, six could think it's premeditated murder. as long as they all agree it's first-degree murder we're looking at top charge and a death penalty phase of the case. >> a lot of the discussion will be about, as we heard at the end of the piece by kerry, is casey anthony's behavior for those 31 days during which time she did not report her daughter was
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missing. which side made the stronger argument? >> i have to go with prosecution this terms of it being indicative not of someone who is in grief, but is someone who is showing a guilty conscience. i thought that that littbrought home for me, listening as a layperson. the 31 days are absolutely >> report your child missing for 31 days and then how about the 32nd day. we just heard that phone call when casey anthony gets on the phone with her parents. we're poefd supposed to believe if we buy the defense theory a person's baby drowned, who's mean father forced her to cover it up. you hear her on that call and my initial thought is, there's no victim. there's a reason prosecutors played it in closing argument. >> the tattoo -- >> when a girlfriend literally starts to cry in that phone
7:16 am
call, she's in pain, worried about where caylee anthony is. and casey anthony responds like, oh, i don't have time for that. can you please get me tone's phone number. it was really about her. it was never about that baby. and for mother and father on that jury, they will remember that. >> timing of a verdict. fair to say it's been -- that it could take a while, not today? what's your thought, given the chaotic -- >> star and i know this is a fool's game to try to guess when a jury may come back but it is a complicated case. there are multiple charges. i think they could be back there several days. >> yeah. and remember, though, i covered o.j. simpson for you, we sat across from each other many times and it could come back like that. >> well, it's nice to sit across from both of you following this case. thank you so much again, star and savannah guthrie. let's head over to natalie morales with other top stories of the morning. >> good morning to you.
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good morning. clean-up efforts in the montana oil spill will be complicated by rising waters today as yellowstone river peaks. nbc's george lewis is in laurel, montana, with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. you can see those rising floodwaters behind me. yesterday it was down by where that white containment boom is. today it's risen a foot or so and deposited a new slick of oil along the river bank. exxonmobil says there are about 280 people involved in the clean-up effort. they'll be back today in force. meanwhile the governor of montana plans to visit today to look at the clean-up effort. and property owners here are rather angry. they want answers. they want to know from exxonmobil and from government officials how long it's going to take to clean up this mess. how widespread will it be? what sort of lasting effects can be expected? and also, what sort of compensation might they receive to make them whole? natalie. >> george lewis in laurel,
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montana, thank you. dominique strauss-khan may face a new sexual assault case in france. a french novelist is accusing him of attempting to rape her back in 2002. strauss-khan says he will file a criminal complaint of slander against the novelist in response. the body of a woman has been recovered from an indianapolis creek about 50 miles from where college student lauren speier disappeared last month. nbc's john yang has the latest from bloomington, indiana. >> reporter: bloomington police are awaiting identification of that badly decomposed body to see fit the latest chapter in the disappearance of lauren speier. lauren has been missing for more than a month. the 20-year-old fashion student disappeared june 3rd after a night partying with friends. her parents have pleaded with her friends to come forward with information they hope could lead them to their daughter. >> help them find their moral
7:19 am
compass. they need your guidance and your strength to do the right thing. >> the window of opportunity in which lauren disappeared just these three short city blocks is so small that i think investigators would have to believe someone who had contact with her knows what happened to her that night. >> reporter: lauren shown here on a home video during a spring break trip to israel with her sister, who's reportedly last seen by a friend walking toward her apartment building at 4:30 in the morning. for weeks thousands of volunteers showed up to look for lauren. >> as far as i'm concerned it's not over till we find her. >> reporter: just last week police called off large-scale searches to focus on investigative leads. lauren's parents who live in the new york city area have been in bloomington from the beginning. >> to the person that has knowledge about lauren's whereabouts, if you think that our determination is any less, it's not.
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>> reporter: this morning lauren's parents remain here in bloomington waiting. natalie? >> john yang in bloomington, indiana, thanks so much. it was a party last night from sea to shining sea. and the capital a star-studded concert rocked the national mall where nearby the president welcomed military families for a barbecue at the white house. and macy's spectacle here in new york where beyonce did a duet with lady liberty to the san francisco bay, dazzling fireworks took this year's celebrations out with a bang. always good to see the celebrations again from coast to coast. 7:20. >> thank you so much. that's right, maria is here because al's off this morning. great to have you, maria larosa. >> appreciate it. july 4th hangover. a lot of areas that saw showers and thunderstorms yesterday will see it again today. a risk of severe weather across the plains into midwest.
7:21 am
we have some showers and thunderstorms ongoing so a bit of a wet start to the day here as that cold front begin to sag off to the south. across the rest of the country, the heat continues across the that's a hook at the weather across the country. here's what you can expect. >> good morning to you bay area. we're looking good, a cloudy foggy start in parts of san francisco but overall good, our temperatures will end up in the upper 90s inland again but your san francisco high today just 79 degrees. beautiful weather towards the coast. 95 in gilroy. 99 livermore and fairfield. if you are sick of the heat we're going to get a break into the weekend. giants game looks good tonight. ann, back to you. >> mariamaria, thanks so much. city ahead this morning, a mother and family put in danger with an ad soliciting sex online. police say it was placed by her ex-husband's wife. the alleged victim shares her
7:22 am
story in a live interview coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. >> good morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. three fires overnight in the east bay keeping fire investigators very busy this morning. christie smith is live in bay point with the details. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about with three fires just a couple of mile apart in bay point, the largest one where we're standing on the port chicago highway. you can see some of the burned out area there right by the train tracks that run behind it. the fire started around 9:30 last night with two others breaking out up until about 11:30. and firefighters worked on this overnight trying to get them
7:27 am
out. neighbors stood by watching as the fires created a big orange glo. this morning firefighters say they are not sure how these all started. people were certainly setting off fireworks overnight to celebrate the 4th fourth of jul. fireworks aren't even legal in contra costa county. we did see some grass smoldering this morning. but for the most part, the good news is that the fire is out. that's the latest from here. reporting live in bay point. laura, back to you. >> be careful out there. let's check the forecast now with christina. >> good morning to you. we are in the heart of our fire season so you always want to be practice good fire safety especially this time of year. we're going to see changes. a little bit of the subtropical moisture from the south is going to make for muggy days. today and tomorrow in the south bay, temps in the east bay warm, 99 in fairfield and livermore. and 79 degrees in san francisco. as we head through tomorrow, 94
7:28 am
degrees. we drop off by about 5 to 7 degrees on average. the cooldown continues into this weekend. 86 degrees by friday. 82 on saturday. and then as we head through the start of next week, temperatures kind of hover in the 80s which is where we should be for this time of year. finally normalcy around here. >> look for it. thank you. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. christina and i have separate accounts, we'd love to hear from you.
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morning, july 5th, 2011, after a beautiful 4th. it's another gorgeous day for us out here in rockefeller plaza. we see a lot of smiling faces, waving to people back home. even though it is actually a back-to-workday for a lot of people this morning. >> that's right. inside studio 1-a, i'm ann curry alongside carl quintanilla. nice day? >> very nice, although i worked. >> i'm sorry. anyway, it's nice to have you here. coming up just ahead, it is the first full day of deliberations in the casey anthony trial after a month of witnesses, how will
7:31 am
the jurors decide which experts to believe and what's it like for casey anthony and her lawyers as her life hangs in the balance. a former member of her defense team is weighing in straight ahead this morning. also ahead. imagine being at home with your three children when a stranger shows up at the door looking for sex. it happened repeatedly to a florida mother. according to the police, the men were led to her by an online ad posted by wife of that woman's ex-husband. the alleged victim shares her story coming up. also this morning, on a lighter note, kate reportedly opens up about wanting to start a family. we're going to get details on that and also talk about why the duchess of cambridge is turning into an international fashion icon. do we even need to ask as she tours north america with her prince. let's begin this half hour with the casey anthony trial. and the first full day of deliberations for jurors kerry sanders is outside the courthouse in orlando. >> reporter: good morning, carl. as most americans were enjoying
7:32 am
july 4th the jury was handed the case to begin deliberations at 12:09 if they deliberated until 6:00 p.m. and they're back at it again today. there were two days of closing arguments. sunday and monday. prosecutor jeff ashton telling the jury that they can reach no other conclusion, who else would have put duct tape over a 2-year-old girl's nose and mouth either before or after her death? and there was a moment that sort of stalled things. this is why it lasted for two days. prosecutor jeff ashton was seated there as the defense was giving its closings and he cupped his hand over his mouth and started to laugh. the judge pulled everything to the side, said that he was going to hold them all in contempt, but then moved forward. the defense then presented its case saying there were phantom forensics, fantasy forensics, there was no other conclusion that they could draw other than
7:33 am
casey anthony is not guilty. again, the jury of seven women and five men are back at it again today. they have no time limit on coming up with a verdict. carl? >> kerry sanders, thank you for that. linda kinney badden is a former member of casey anthony a's defense team. i how would you say the defense has done in the close? >> very well considering what they had to work with. let's face it. she is hated. this woman is hated. linda drane burdick pointed to the fact of why you hate her, 31 days, tattoo, hot body contest. it's very difficult to defend somebody who has that kind of aura around them. >> then jeff ashton told the jurors that there are two ways to get to a first degree murder trial. you can go through premeditation. you can get there through some aggravated child abuse charge. that's bad news for the defense? >> terrible, multiple choice.
7:34 am
six people can say this thing, six can say this. you can go to the death penalty, lethal injection, even if they don't agree with why. >> how do you think the death penalty weighs with the jurors? it's one thing to to bring a murder charge to someone who you know might be executed as a result. >> right. it's very heavy. i once tried a murder case and a juror had wet her pants on the jury because the death penalty is to weighty. when you're a defense attorney you pick a different jury. you may pick one that will convict but not the death penalty. it's a whole different dynamic in that courtroom but it's very hard on everyone. >> do you think prosecutors have done enough to bring a first degree murder charge? >> you can't get around the emotion. if the jurors can't get around the emotion and look at lack of evidence, they will convict her. >> emotion, whether it's been emotion from casey herself, emotion from george anthony. i wonder who you think the jurors will respond to more in the end?
7:35 am
>> jurors generally respond to emotion. hopefully the defense has picked one juror that can say, hey, let's look at the evidence, let's see if there really is a cause of death here, let's see really if she would have murdered this child and put the murder women with the body in dispos disposal. there's a lot of issues if you take your time that don't make sense. that's what intrigued everybody. there's a mystery here. >> i want to get your take on the deliberation time period. first full day. if it takes a long time, is that telling us something about what the charges may be? >> for a very long time would be a hung jury. but if you just have a little bit of a time, it's going to be good for the prosecution. if you get to the end of the week it may be okay for the defense. may mean they looked at the evidence and taken the charges. remember, they have to decide whether there's felony murder, murder,ing aggravated manslaugh. >> we're all waiting here at a distance waiting for the verdict. >> right. >> as an attorney and even for the attorneys' clients, what is this time period like for them? >> you can't sleep, you can't eat. there's nothing else they can
7:36 am
do. the major -- defense team that was in the courtroom for the guilt phase has already hand it it off for the death penalty phase even if there isn't because somebody has to prepare. there is this feeling of i just can't do anymore, i've done my best. >> one allast question. behavior of the attorneys. during the close there were smirks of some of the prosecutors to some of the defense attorneys as they were giving the close. do jr.s respond to that? here's one that appears to be a smile. >> jurors lodo look at the attorneys. but if the attorney loses credibility the evidence they present loses credibility. that's what you have to be concerned with if you're in a case. >> we're all on tinder hooks here. >> absolutely. >> thank you. as we move to get a check of the weather from maria la rosa, she's in for al this morning. >> narrator: "today's" weather is brought to you by california tourism. you can start planning your trip to the golden state today. california, find yourself here.
7:37 am
well, california is beautiful but new york is gorgeous this morning. we have some cali 2k3wigirls he. love your home state? >> yes. >> of course. we have the cali girl there's. let's check out the temperatures. it's still going to be pretty hot here in the northeast, down the south and the southern plains topping over 100 degrees in oklahoma and texas. pretty nice in the northwest with temperatures in the 70s. we do have a chance for showers all along that boundary. you see there from the southeast and northern plains and midwest. watch out for damaging winds and possibility of hail, hot and dry in the southwest. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's what you can expect. >> we look good today. we have a little low cloud cover over the city of san francisco but boy, it's clearing quickly. and our temperatures are starting to climb already in the east bay. at 64 now in livermore headed to 99 degrees later on. really gorgeous day in the city. 79 degrees if you want to spend time outside, this might be the place to head. we're going to cool down throughout the week.
7:38 am
temperatures consistently drop all the way through sunday, 80 degrees going to be a beautiful weekend around here. mother who runs a day care center accused of using a fake online sex ad to harass her husband's ex-wife. the alleged victim speaks out right after this. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too? discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks.
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back now at 7:40 with the dangerous prank aimed at a mother of three. police say a woman who runs a day care center posted steamy ads on craigslist looking for sex. but here's the twist. she's accused of posing as her husband's ex-wife. we'll talk to the woman who is at the target of those ads in a moment. but first, here's nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: tracy wilder, a divorced mother of three from florida says she knew something was wrong when she began getting phone calls, text messages, and visits to her home from men she didn't know, seeking sex. >> i feel our safety was compromised as a family. it's been terrifying. >> reporter: wilder says the men were responding to an explicit ad in her name on craigslist, an ad she insist she's never placed. under the heading adventurous
7:42 am
couple, it read in part, i need to be thrown around a a little bit and to be dominated. that is exciting for me. it went on to say, please feel comfortable calling any time. and, you're also welcome to stop by at our home. >> it's a complete violation of privacy. it's still affecting to this day our sense of security in our own home. >> reporter: after wilder called the police, officials arrested 34-year-old natasha larson, the wife of wilder's ex-husband and the mother of two young children. she runs a day care center at their home. detective kevin bunn says larson confessed to placing the ad and using a fake e-mail address to give out wilder's phone number and invite men to her home. >> at first during the interview with the suspect she did say it was just funny to her. but that was at the point where she's advise that she was actually online e-mailing back and forth with several people. >> reporter: efforts by nbc news to reach larson were unsuccessful but a family member says larson does not wish to comment publicly.
7:43 am
police and internet crime specialists say this sort of cyber harassment is no joke. it's all too common and it's potentially dangerous. usually the victims are women. >> this prank that was posted online means that the woman who is subject to the attack is now subject to potential rape, somebody could beat her up, somebody could kill her, someone could hurt her kids. this is not a game. this is a serious matter. >> reporter: wilder says she still feels uncomfortable in her own home and is most concerned about the safety of her children. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> tracy wilder is now joining us. tracy, good morning. >> good morning. >> you said this was terrifying. what was the most terrifying moment for you? >> when the first person came knocking on the door. at that point i did not know what the ad said, so i was shocked that it had gone that far that fast. >> how many people came to your
7:44 am
door? how many texts and images were sent to you? >> there were two men that came to the door, and there was numerous text messages, from at least six different men. >> you've heard in this piece that the wife of your ex-husband has confessed. >> yes. >> why would -- that's the million dollar question. why would she do this to you? >> i honestly don't have the answer to that. i do feel that she has, from the beginning, tried to push my children out of their father's life. it's been a long couple of years with her harassing us in one way or the other. >> now you've changed your phone number. >> yes. >> do you fear still now -- this started in february. >> uh-huh. >> -- keeping coming to your door? >> yes, i do. >> so what is your message then to her, given how unstable this has made your sense of security?
7:45 am
>> it's absolutely appalling to me that anyone could put children in danger, but someone who has children of her own, runs a home day care, could do this. it's just absolutely appall iin. and i'm shocked. you know, these are her stepchildren. she's supposed to care for them. and she's done just the opposite. she had total disregard for their safety. and that is totally unacceptable to me. i will not tolerate anyone endangering my children's lives. >> so to that end, then, what kind of punishment do you think, if she is found guilty of this, that she should face? >> i think she should face some time in jail. i honestly do. it's disgusting.
7:46 am
it's hurt us. it's hurt the children the most. >> one of your children is 21 years old. i believe a son? >> yes. >> so he knows what's happened. >> oh, yes. >> how do you talk to your children about this, explain this to them? >> i explain that, you know, i'm going to do what i can do protect them. that's my job. that's what i do. i don't know the reason why she did it, so i can't explain that to them. just tell them that sometimes people do bad things. and there's really nothing we can do about what other people do. we just have to protect ourselves. >> well, you obviously are becoming a protector, strong voice in protecting your children. >> yes. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up next, the latest stop on will and kate's north american tour as she reportedly opens up about her desire to
7:47 am
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every newly married couple faces the question, when are you going to start a family? that includes the royals. that's why a baby comment by kate on her canadian tour is sparking frenzy over their future plans. nbc's peter alexander is in canada to explain. peter, good morning. >> reporter: carl, good morning to you. william and kate arrived here late last night but it would have been hard to tell it was night. it was still light out. this is the land of the midnight sun. among their highlights here there's going to be a plane trip later this everyoning to a se clued wilderness lodge. but maybe the one headline so far is one comment made by kate first reported by a british newspaper about the wales family plans that has everybody talking. it was easy for royal admirers to ignore the wet weather on prince edward island on monday because, once again, and there
7:51 am
was consensus on this, william and kate shined. in what's known as the birth place of canada their arrival alone was ceremony nous, riding down historic great george street. the royal canadian mounted police as their escorts, thousands of fans looking for a glimpse. >> kate's like -- they're so perfect. it's so nice to see them. >> reporter: later william took the controls of the canadian force's c-king. while kate snapped photos, the prince learned an emergency water landing maneuver called water birding. the duke and duchess of cambridge were not done with the water, going head to head in a boat race. image along reminding many people of this shot of kate four years ago that catapulted her back in the spotlight shortly after she and william rekindled their are romance. on monday after william's team won they seemed less like royalty, more like newlyweds.
7:52 am
throughout this trip kate's star quality and sense of fashion has mesmerized observers, including a patriotic red maple leaf hat she wore an canada's holiday and a cream suit made by the same designer who made her wedding dress this spring. then there was that moment on sunday shortly after kate accepted a bouquet from a young girl in this quebec city crowd, one man wished the duchess of wales a family, she said, yes, i hope to. just four words, but the first time she's spoken publicly about having children. enough to get the tabloids buzzing about a possible heir. it wouldn't be unprecedented for the royal couple to have a baby within a year of being married. princess diana and charles of coursed a their first son prince william 11 months after they were married. you won't be surprised if folks in the country are boasting that
7:53 am
nine months from now, a new one, was made in canada. >> holy cow. peter. >> that is true. would he be lying? >> peter, thank you so much. that's just -- >> i mean, don't you have sort of impression of what's the rush? it's been weeks since they got married. >> you want to advise them to wait? >> no, i don't want any part of this. >> no, but everybody loves a fairy tale. >> speaking of kateyl sense.
7:54 am
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>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the debris from the tsunami in japan is headed to our coastline. today in the bay's bob redell is live in santa cruz with details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about from the tsunami and the earthquake that struck in march, the debris from that not expect for a couple of years to hit the shores of santa cruz, washington and oregon. 2013, 2014. oceanographers released this simulation. they base it on wind and ocean currents estimates, they believe it's traveling east about 10 miles a day. it is enormous. the "mercury news" reporting it
7:57 am
covers approximately 13,000 miles long. that's roughly the size of california. the tsunami sucked out entire towns, everything, people, homes, cars, scientists wonder how much will end up on the shores. bodies will likely have decomposed. lots of other material will deteriorate or sink. live out here where the organization save our shores having the second largest beach cleanup of the year, july 5th, the day after july 4th. that getting under way right now as we speak. reporting live in santa cruz, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll let you go so you can help out. good day to head to the coast. >> yes, certainly is. you saw that fog out there in santa cruz. the good news about the fog it's going to keep things mild today in santa cruz. we have interesting weather headed our way. from the south, you can see this subtropical moisture surge. unstable air mass is headed our way. we could see isolated thunderstorms as of this
7:58 am
afternoon. otherwise, we're looking good this morning. we have clear conditions, over most of the state. north of fresno, as we head throughout the next couple of days the subtropical moisture will continue to surge to the north and so what that means it's going to get muggier and muggier as we head into thursday. we're at 64 in livermore. the sun is up. warming us up to about 99 degrees later on in the heat of the day. 94 in los gatos. 79 in san francisco. and 84 in oakland. the good news is we drop off as of tomorrow. >> that is great news. for the latest check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. se your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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8:00 am
8:00 now on a tuesday morning, 5th of july, 2011. for most of us it's a back to work day after long holiday weekend. this people at the plaza have stretched their weekend out for an extra day. meantime, i'm ann curry along with carl quintanilla who is in for matt. so nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> the weather is terrific. >> gorgeous. >> 72 degrees. >> no humidity. >> wow. >> perfect day to come out. >> just a great day. we're going to be talking on this great day about will and kate, specifically on their north american tour about kate's fashion because that is getting a lot of attention.
8:01 am
she's been receiving some high praise. what makes her style stand out? we're going to ask an expert coming up straight ahead. plus, if you exercise and you eat right and you still can't lose weight, the answer might actually be in your soda. we're going to talking about your choice of drinks and two new studies are highlighting the hazards of diet soda. is it time to finally cut even them out of your life once and for all? >> all this time seeing people drinking diet soda. and to have that be a culprit. another culprit, shoes, especially during the summer, for women. it's causing not just problems with our feet but also with our back. we're going to give you the lowdown on some of your favorite shoes, including some how you can minimize the pain caused by your favorite flats and flip-flops. >> is it just for women or flip-flops for guys, too? >> i think men can extrapolate, too. are you a flip-flop wearer? >> all summer long. i didn't wear them today, but i was trying to think of the show. >> thanks for that.
8:02 am
natalie morales is over at the news desk. >> good morning, carl and ann. good morning, everyone. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn may face new legal troubles today, this time in france. nbc's jeff rossen has the latest. >> reporter: with his wife on his arm, dominique strauss-kahn spent the holiday weekend a free man. the case against him falling apart in new york city. but now a woman from his past is back. tristan is a french novelist and claims strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her in 2003 as she tried to interview him. her lawyer says they are planning to file a criminal complaint in france today. she tells a french magazine for years, dsk held the reins of my life. and now i have the chance to be heard. strauss-kahn has denied any wrongdoing and says he'll take legal action against her if she files. >> women are going to be coming out of the woodwork now to
8:03 am
accuse dsk, but they are going to be held to such a higher standard of credibility after the fallout from this case in the united states. >> reporter: prosecutors now admit the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault here in new york lied repeatedly and may have ties to criminal behavior. >> i think this case is over. i think it's just a question of when. >> reporter: strauss-kahn is free to roam the country without bail. as photographers track his every move from dinner at a fancy restaurant to a reported museum visit and now a new accuser waits for him in france. jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. the mexican navy is extending its search today for seven american tourists who are still missing after their fishing boat sank sunday morning in the gulf of california. at least one american was killed, and 35 people were rescued. now let's go to wall street
8:04 am
to nbc's courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. wall street is a trading week with a momentum in overseas trading as well as last week's gains, the best in two years. investors are going to be watching the economic report this week. and looking specifically for signs that the recent slowdown is temporary and that growth is continuing. meantime, markets waiting for president obama and congress to reach a compromise when it comes to a deficit reduction, as well as an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. natalie, back to you. >> courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange, thank you. quick round-up of what has you talking online. the secret service is investigating posts from fox news politics twitter account on monday that falsely announced the death of president obama. fox news say they were hacked and they deleted those tweets. vice president joe biden is showing that he can deliver a message in 140 characters or less on twitter. in his first ever tweet monday, biden and his wife asked americans to think about the troops on the fourth of july.
8:05 am
maybe he just needed a new facebook picture. a rare monkey in indonesia is hot on twitter after snatching a camera from a wildlife photographer and snapping shots of himself like most of his facebook generation, the monkey loves seeing his own reflection there in the lens and he showed off his, well, somewhat pearly whites to prove it. looks like he's even saying cheese. it is 8:05. let's go back outside the ann and carl. most of the pictures were out of focus, but not that one. that one is good. >> thanks a lot, natalie. let's get a check of the forecast today. we have maria la rosa in for al. hey marx rhea. >> good morning. we have a couple of land lovers here enjoying new york city from michigan. perhaps your heading to the beach. we head to myrtle beach, south carolina, where we do have a chance for afternoon .ndermsor otherwise. spots of sun and 88 degrees. emsinp mind the southeast will see this afternoon those showers in unthrsunrms popping up. area of concern, though, the central plains and into the midwest for severe weather.
8:06 am
that's where we're looking at the chance for the ten tral plains and into the midwest, gusty chance for hail. . good morning to you. this is a live look from san jose, beautiful start. the sun is out. if you have any plans to take care of outside, you might want to do so now. 64, livermore, 62, sunnyvale, except in the city, really, really nice, only maxing out at 79 degrees. you are at 59 now in san francisco. 94, los gatos. 93, san jose. kicking ono the a.c. at 4:00 p.. you can give it a break later this week when the 80s are back. you. >> all right, thanks. up next, kate's sense of style. the worldwide frenzy over her fashion choices as therohe norlh erican tour rolls on, right after this. k9 advantix ii.
8:07 am
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express hydration with hydraiq. nivea. back now at 8:09. with the world's newest fashion icon leading up to april's royal we'ding a lot of talk was over what kate will wear. two short months later that obsession has only grown during her first ever trip to north america. natalie is here with details. good morning once again. >> good morning, ann. from her fest i fascinators to her striking food wear the duchess of cambridge is scoring high praise for her impeccable taste. with those dazzling dresses, this princess is making quite a splash. halfway through her first international trip to nrt america on lookers just can't get enough of her designer duds and style sense and sensibility. in glowing purple isa, in a sleeveless crepe by joseph, and she's even stylish in this everyday parka paddling on a wet
8:11 am
prince edward island. crowds can't get enough. from the minute the couple landed in canada there was a frenzy to identify kate's dress. >> why did you want to be here? >> because it's so exciting. alove kate middleton because of her fashion statement. >> reporter: peaceful gesture to her host country the duchess chose not two dresses by canadian designer. >> we grew up with the monarchy. they still mean a lot to us. >> she always looks nice. >> really excited. >> reporter: princess catherine is scoring big points for being both fashionable and frugal, repeating several outfits so far. like this isa dress she wore on thursday. it's same one she wore the day before her wedding to prince william. on friday, canada day, kate wore this white reese dress with this hat, adding to the canadian
8:12 am
patriotism. it's same dress she wore for an engagement photo. and then she wore a gray catherine walker, one of diana's favorite designers, on what could have been diana's 50th birthday. the old young are lining the streets to catch a glimpse of her. >> these dresses, kate inspires? >> definitely. >> would you like to look like her when you're all grown up? >> reporter: princess in a new role, newly minted in a world of pomp and circumstance, and poised to become an international style sensation. nbc news royal contributor spoke to peter alexander. >> the monarchy is able to reconnect in canada because of william and kate. there's an interest in this beautiful young girl, almost like the jackie o. of this generation. >> and of course kate will get to show off more dresses and her impeccable sense of style when
8:13 am
she travels to america for the first time on friday. ann, we are counting down the days. and you better believe they're going to be watching her every move. >> apparently we will. zanna roberts is fashion editor for "marie claire." good morning. has she made any mistakes? >> not that we've seen so far. she's made so many different statements but always looked impeccab impeccable. >> and you say that she's been very smart about the designers she's chosen. >> absolutely. it's kind of political. she chose to wear a canadian born designer brought up in the uk. the perfect crossover of the two words, if you like. she disembarked the plane wearing this gorgeous dress. she looked stunning. she had this new hairdo. this is the moment of this is the reveal, this is what is to come. maybe it's something to come she's going to start really going for all these more kind of high fashion designers. >> meantime there's also a
8:14 am
designer named gray catherine walker. the dress was gray, but catherine walker was designer. now, why was that an important choice? >> that was almost a very subtle tribute to princess diana. it was one of princess diane that's favorite designer fps day she wore it would have been princess diana's 50th birthday. it was a smart, subtle tribute to the late princess diana. >> who knew. interesting point. natalie just mentioned was this idea that she's repeating some of her dresses. as if this is sort of something that wasn't done before. that's the point is that women in this position would not repeat dresses before? >> no. >> that was considered a faux pas before? >> it was just not done as much. you know, you would repeat an amazing handbag, maybe princess di anna with the same bag but not wearing the same dress twice. for example, she's worn a reese dress, $400, she wore it on
8:15 am
canada day with red pumps and then she wore it again, this is the exact dress she wore for her engagement photograph. so she's an everyday girl. she's been very cost conscious. she did with it the dress we just saw. she's -- tries really hard not to be too showy. >> there also seems to be this kind of michelle obama kind of effect here. >> absolutely, yeah. >> whenever michelle -- the first lady steps out, that's what people are talking about, what she's wearing, beyond her policies. but the point is that this is a kind of thing that's happening here. >> it's what we're known as kaitd effe kate effect, if you like. she can shift merchandise like none other right now. this weekend this weekend completely sold out in hours. you look at the dress she wore for her engagement, gone. the issa dress, the blue one, sold out in minutes. and they also launched thousands of knockoffs. so everybody has a version of this dress. >> so, what is happening here? i mean, is this sort of -- kind of manipulated by a stylist so
8:16 am
that these things can be sold or are what we really seeing a young woman who just simply has wonderful taste making great choices? >> it's absolutely the latter. she doesn't have a stylist. she is being helped by personal shoppers at a couple of department stores, harvey nichols, hour, for this trip she refused to have a dresser. she said it would be a waste of money and she just brought her hairdresser instead. we can tell. but she had no budget for this trip and she's obviously just done it all herself. >> maybe that's the real reason why it's such a winner is we're all sort of seeing something that seems authentic. >> very genuine. >> meantime, she's going to be heading to the united states. what is your prediction about what we'll see. >> i'm hoping she's going to be wearing fabulous american designers. maybe because she's in l.a., maybe borne and bred l.a. designers. maybe some fabulous great designers like michael kors.
8:17 am
let's hope. exciting. >> sounds like there's going to be a few dresses sold out when she comes over. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and your good perspective on fashion. coming up next, is diet soda a diet don't? revealing new studies on no calorie soft drinks right after this.
8:18 am
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to your kids' wet skin. new neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. today's small steps to a healthy you is brought to you by walgreens. there's a way to stay well. ♪ >> this morning on our special series small steps to a healthier you. is diet soda sabotaging our weight loss goals? if you want to keep slim and
8:21 am
trim it might be find to find a better beverage. diet soft drinks could, in fact, be widening your waistline. today nutritionist joy is here with details. pretty concerning stuff. talk about first what the studies found. >> the studies found that there is an association between diet soda drinking and weight gain as well as elevated blood sugars which is kind of crazy when you think about it because diet soda doesn't have any calories and it doesn't have any sugar. so to think that it could cause weight gain or increase your blood sugars is kind of crazy. >> the industry obviously has a problem with both of these studies and they had some pretty vocal responses. >> absolutely. so we reached out to the american beverage association and calorie control counsel and they don't think these studies were based on solid science and they have some really good concerns. i'm going to bring those up because the authors agree with some of those concerns as well. >> so the first one looks at an elderly population of drinkers who drink a lot of diet soda and
8:22 am
track their waist sicircumferen, i love that. what was found? >> so both of these studies were conducted out of yooun university of texas health science center in san antonio. they followed 500 people in their 60s and 70s for about ten years. what we found are that the diet soda drinkers had 70% greater gains in waist circumference compared to people that never drank any diet soda. >> so what explains that? >> well, that's sort of the million dollar question. now, this study definitely does not prove that diet soda directly causes weight gain. and some of the issues and concerns that these associations put up is we don't know what these people were eating. so, in fact, it could be that they were sort of compensating from fattening food from all the calories. it was like the guy ordering bacon cheese deluxe with fries and washing it down with a diet
8:23 am
coke. >> i can offset it with a little more cheese on the side. >> fattening food is going to pack on the pounds just like fattening beverages. but on the other hand, there is a chance that while all of these artificial sweeteners are causing some sort of upset in our normal metabolic responses. maybe elevating blood sugar, lowering insulin, having us crave sweets more so that we're overeating. a lot of questions but we need a lot more research in this area before we can draw a conclusion. >> a second study looked at mice and mice that took aspartane, or equal or another brand. >> this san interesting study. small sample of mice that were actually bred to be prone to have diabetes. one of the groups of mice, they laced their food with artificial sweetener. after a few months that group of mice, they were slimmer, which is no surprise, but they also had elevated fasting blood sugar levels, which shows you there is
8:24 am
something going on. it's very preliminary research. it's also done on animals so we don't know if this is going to translate to humans. a little concerning. >> but you do think there might be some kernal to the studies we would think about. >> the bottom line is to try to kick the soda habit, the regular and diet soda. >> both? >> both. also to try to limit or minimize the amount of artificial sweeteners that you're pumping into your body from all areas. food as well as the diet soft drinks. >> and with that in mind, you have actually some alternatives. if this is sort of a staple of your beverage diet, there are lots of other things you can think of, too. >> right. right. obviously i'm going to say water and people are going to roll their eyes. i do want people to know there are products on the market that don't have sugar, don't have artificial sweetener and they have a shot of flavor from natural sources. also the naturally flavored s z
8:25 am
selzer waters are terrific. it's nothing that's going to cause weight gain in the sugar arena. unsweetened tea and coffee, add your own one to two teaspoons of sugar which is going to be dramatically less than amounts. >> even if you add your own sugar? >> no, because you're probably going to stop at two teaspoons, i hope. if you can imagine a 20 ounce soda, 17 teaspoons. >> joy, thank you very much. up next, how to avoid pain while wearing your favorite summer shoes.
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we are headed towards the upper 90s once again. that will keep things a little more mild as we head
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8:32 am
. good morning to you. if you are waking up in the city ofsan francisco or getting ready to head there, we do have fog.
8:33 am
you can see it is pretty dense at this time. at noon, we will lose a lot of that. a thin clouds leftover. mild conditions, 79. a little bit warm. if you are waking up in places in the east bay, especially the tri-valley region, we are expecting the upper 90s. warmer than yesterday. the schooldown starts tomorrow. coming up next, from flip-flops to flats. how to deal with pain and discomfort from your favorite pair of summer shoes. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> narrator: today's woman is brought to you by new newutrogea sun block. back now at 8:35 this morning on "today's" woman, summer shoe dangers from high
8:36 am
heels to ballet flats, even seemingly comfortable styles can make unhappy feet. >> this summer i'm wearing flip-flops. >> jeweled sandals. >> i live in high heels. >> summer shoes, every woman loves them. >> i love the flops. they're the best. ♪ >> reporter: weather sky high, strappy, or unstructured, these styles can wreak havoc on a woman's feet. >> i wore flip-flops a couple summers ago and i got a staph infection because i had an open wound. >> at the worst, 20 blisters on my feet. the scars are pretty awful. >> i feel like every single shoe i've had has had a horror story attached to it. >> reporter: designer styles and trends often ignore what's practical. >> the absolute hottest shoe trend this summer is the platform wedge, the higher the better. we polled the readers and staggering 95% of them said they
8:37 am
would be willing to suffer some pain or discomfort for the perfect shoe. >> i have a pair of louis vuitton shoes. i spent $700 and they kill my feet but because they look so cute i'm going to still wear them. >> narrator: it's not just ankles and toes that suffer. >> i'm not a high heeled kind of gal. i run after three kids most days. i really enjoy wearing open toed shoes or flip-flops, anything airy, light, and comfortable. >> reporter: heather learned the t. hard way, even flip-flops can pose risks. >> last summer i noticed i had a lot of pain in my legs and lower back. this summer when i went to put my flip-flops back on i realized the same pains are back. so something has got to be wrong. it's going to be a tough summer if i can't wear flip-flops. i mean, i would be the only person at the beachwearing running shoes. my concern really is what can i wear? >> that's the question. well, today contributor dr. raj is a contributing medical editor to "health" magazine and author
8:38 am
of "what the yuck, the freaky and fabulous truth about your body." dr. raj, thank you so much for making me read that title carefully. nice to see you this morning. >> you, too. >> i guess i wonder if this summer we're actually more likely to face some troubles because i see that we're really moving to the platforms in a big way. >> we are. the styles are getting more painful for women. the platforms are getting so much higher. also getting a lot of bejewelled shoes, gladiator sandals, all of these things can cause foot pain. >> before we get to some of the things you have here on the table, let's talk about your basic tips. the first one i think a lot of people might find surprising and that is shop for sandals during the sandal season, the summer season, not the fall season. why is that? >> so the thing is, during the summer because of the heat our feet tend to swell so you may actually change your foot size and you tend to sweat a lot so that tends to get a loft friction. when you shop for the sandal it's during that heat so you know what your true size is.
8:39 am
if you get a shoe in the winter it might be too small in the summer. please don't think you can break it in. that's a myth. if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. >> okay. and also you say shop for shoes made out of natural materials. >> right. when we walk our foot actually changes in shape. we need a shoe that has a little give, a little elasticity. so natural fibers like leather can really stretch with your foot as you walk. but very fake leather or a rubber tip might not do that as well and can cause a lot of friction and irritation. >> you also say during the summer months you want to rotate your shoes as much as possible. in other words, don't wear the same shoe all the time. >> right. especially this summer when we have studded shoes, things that night put pressure on one point of your foot you don't want a repeated pressure. rotate the shoe, it's not like every day you're going to have stress on one part of your foot. >> we have to make sure that we have all the different shoes that match all of our outfits. it's sometimes hard to rotate. let's talk about what's on the set here because -- and this is
8:40 am
another bit of a surprise in terms of problems. you say that, for example, when you're shopping for a ballet flat, ballet flats can be an issue? >> yeah, people think, oh, this is the perfect comfortable shoe but the problem is you have, you know, a tight kind of elastic around the entire foot. and if it's too tight and not stretchy enough it can actually cause cuts in the back of the foot or the front of the foot. so you want to make sure it's very soft leather around that area, it's very stretchy, or you could even put a lining there, a soft pad to make sure it's not cutting into your foot. >> all the rage right now, these gladiator shoes. this is an example although this has a wider strapping. there are some that have very, very, very therein straps. >> very thin straps that go high up into the leg and can cut into the leg and cause pain. you can get some mole skin to kind of line those straps. again, these straps, you want make sure they give. what's nice about these shoes is it does have a buckle on it. that means you could increase
8:41 am
the size of it if you needed to. if it doesn't have any buckle and there's no stretch to it, it's not good. >> we heard earlier about the flip-flops being a problem. what accounts for why, this woman was saying she has aches and pains in her legs. you would think a lot of teenagers wear these shoes. >> sure. this is the typical summer shoe. the problem is there's no support. your foot is whole time is krin crunching up in the toe area to hold on to that middle thong. that causes pain in your back of your leg and hips. the middle thong area can irritate the toes. soft, no sharp seams. >> okay. and finally, the aforementioned wedges, which are -- these are insanely tall. you would break your ankle if you just made a turn. >> you could see that they're very unsteady potentially because you're off the ground. all the weight is shifted to the front. this misaligns your whole body
8:42 am
alignment. you have to be careful when you walk with these. the back strap is a good thing. you want to make sure there is a back strap, if not your foot is slipping and sliding the whole way. it's a set-up for falls and injuries. >> i once fell off a pair of flat form wedges like that in front of really cute boy. very embarrassing. your solutions are things like mold foam padding. where would you put that? >> put it on your foot. the nice thing about the mole skin is you can cut it and fit it to go underneath the straps, for example, in the gladiator samples. gel pads are good as well. these are temporary fixes. this is not a permanent solution. if a shoe is uncomfortable and painful, stay away from it. >> dr. raj encouraging us to look for shoes based on more than just cuteness and color. >> that's right. coming up next, how to handle embarrassing and often inappropriate questions about your finances. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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back at 8:44 this morning on "today's" money. embarrassing money situations. we have all been there, whether it's a friend who owes you money or a curious child who wants to know your salary. how do you navigate those tricky situations. we have a personal finance expert and founder of ask it is why does money lend itself to such uncomfortable situations? >> for a lot of us we didn't grow up talking about money in our families indeed, some families, say, listen, we don't want to talk about it with the kids, it's tacky or it's not proper or appropriate. many of us when we come across these thorny situations we just don't know what to do. >> we have five of those situation which we're going to talk about. the first one is, if you loan money to a friend and you ask for that money to get paid back and the friend isn't good for the money, what do you do? >> right. you know, it's a very delicate
8:46 am
situation burks really i think that the responsible thing to do, the appropriate thing is to bring up the issue. don't avoid it. don't just sweep it under the rug. directly state to them that you do expect to be repaid. find out if necessary if they need to be to get on a payment plan. you don't want to come across like visa or mastercard here, but really the idea is to express your expectations to your friend that you do expect to be repaid and then also to say i really want to preserve the friendship here. i don't want money issues to drive a wedge between us. >> and you make the point that maybe the reason they're not bringing it up is because they think you want all the money back at once. >> that's right. a lot of people, let's say, for example, you've loaned somebody 500 bucks as an example. maybe they don't have all 500 bucks and they've been taking months and months to pay you back. one strategy maybe be to say listen, maybe you could pay me $100 a month and over the next five months we'll clear this up and the friend will feel like less pressure is on them. >> i like this one a lot. when your child asks you -- mom, dad, how much money do we make,
8:47 am
how much money do you make? >> you know what, i've been there. i have three kids. 13, 11, and 5-year-old. i think a lot of parents are really embarrassed about this question for one extreme or the other. in their minds they think we make so little compared to other families or maybe they feel like we're so fortunate we make so much. here's the thing that i teal people to do. do be honest with your kids. think about what's age appropriate. but if you have a teenager or middle schoolchild asking about the family income. use it as a teaching moment and explain here's what we make but at the same time give them context around it. talk about family finances and the bills and also ask for a little bit of discretion. say, you know, i'll share this information with you because i think it's important for you to learn about money matters. don't necessarily want you to broadcast this or to go talking about it with friends and neighbors. ask for discretion there. >> you're at a restaurant with a friend. the check comes to the table and they say, oh, let's split it, even though they may have had much more to eat. >> we've all been there. we've had these situations.
8:48 am
they've had five drink tors appetizer, the entree, the dessert. you can just simply say to the waiter, okay, sure, can you please split the checks for us and you ask for them to splis the checks based on your order. now, again, this is a thorny situation. the best of all strategies is to say up front to the waiter so that your friend will know, especially if you have a friend who you know is prone to doing something like that, we will be splitting our checks, please, and they'll do it up front. on the back end it's perfectly fine and appropriate, ask the waiter to split the check and they will do that. >> also at a restaurant sometimes you put your credit card down and it's embarrassing if you're in front of the group and it's declined. >> oh, my god, horror of horrors. if you're dining with family or friends and your card gets declined. really you might make the situation worse byes a es skes it by, what, try it again or it couldn't have been -- i have $1,000 extra limit on this or whatever. don't do that. simply say, oh, here, can you take this card instead, keep it
8:49 am
low key. offer to pay cash instead. it might not just be at a restaurant when you're out with friends or family. this could happen to you in the store, even if you're by yourself at a retail store. you might be holding up the line because your card has been declined and now you want to cause a big scene about it. no, my card is okay. just pay with another card or use cash. take the situation down. >> and later circle back with the credit card company. >> to find out what happened. >> a lot of people may not be familiar with this one. but if your wages are being garnished for one reason or another, marital dispute, that can get touchy with your employer. >> that's right. because the court that issues the wage garnishment will notify your employer and have money automatically taken out of your paycheck. and what an embarrassment if your boss or hr person comes to you and says this is happening. the idea here is to convey to your employer this is a one-time situation, i'm going to get this taken care of. express, you know, sorrow or sort of remorse that the fact that the boss had to kind of be drawn into this. but indicate to your employer this will in no way affect my
8:50 am
job performance or my productivity on the job and just sort of deescalate the situation. it's embarrassing to deal with that in front of your boss but you can do it in a more tactful way. my ex is suing me. just take care of the matter discretely. up next, a degree you can really sink your teeth into. we'll pay a visit to hamburger university. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
most of us have tried a big mac, shake, and fries, but how many of us have had the opportunity to study them as well? well, today, national correspondent jenna wolfe went for some unusual golden arch training. >> big story here. believe it or not there is a school where you can earn a degree in hamburgerology. at first we thought it sounded a little far fetched until i actually went to mcdonald's headquarters where there's a rather unique couric lum that combines the books and the beef. the academic choice is yours. biology, business, broadcast -- did you cistudy for this -- but what if you wanted to major in burgers? welcome to hamburger university where the food is fast, the sauce is special, and if you can't take the heat, you know what to do -- oh, shoot.
8:53 am
>> does it get competitive here? >> oh, yes. this is the one i started in. >> reporter: she is a hamburger u grad whose climbed the golden arches for three decades. today she's an executive. what's the goal of the university? >> the goal of hamburger university is to help our managers run great restaurants and deliver a great customer experience. >> reporter: hu is on the grounds of mcdonald's world headquarters just outside chicago. and this university experience is squeezed into one jam-packed week. the first graduating class 50 years ago had just 14 people. these days, thousands graduating each year. and with more than 32,000 restaurants around the world, there are six global outposts. >> managers travel from around australia, new zealand, to attend this course. >> reporter: at hu you have classes. will there be a test on this?
8:54 am
homework. do you want to meet for study group at the quad later? and oftentimes chaotic simulated drive through lab. >> it's crazy here. >> reporter: where the fast food is faux food. here i've made a bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin but it's not real. they don't waste food. and while it's not exactly a requirement, everyone here seems to know one infectious old jingle. ♪ two all beef pattys ♪ special sauce >> do all restaurant managers have to come through hamburger university? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so after my crash course, i went to work. i'm really screwing up. making burgers -- the big mac is done -- winning over customers -- i charged this gentleman $2200 for a sundae -- and cooking up a little drive-thru savvy which puts a whole new twist on going back to school. wahoo! i love it. i want more customers.
8:55 am
yeah, guess which day job i'm not quitting. ultimately hu is a corporate training program and you do get your degree in less than a week but you can't simply apply to hamburger university. to attend you've got to be in the mcdonald's family already. how about a little trivia. which "today" show personality is a former ronald mcdonald? >> i know this one. >> willard scott, right. you guys already knew that one. it's actually a lot of fun. >> i like the multi,000 dollar sundae, it's a nice way to boost your margin. >> $2200. >> prices have gone up. >> inflation. i thought it would sneak right in there. you learn a lot and leave this program and go on to become a manager at one of the various franchises. >> you always learn service with a smile. >> you do, indeed, and with calories. >> calories, too? >> yes. the whole nine yards. >> great smile. i'm sure you sold a lot of burgers. thank you so much. and just ahead, from burgers to dogs, we're going to meet the winners ofth of july hot dog eating contest after
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
fairfield, 72, san francisco, comfortable start. headed to 79 degrees. warm in the tri-valley region. 99 in livermore, fairfield and concord. we cool off as of tomorrow. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news
8:59 am
updates, check out nbc bay area. more news update. live look inside our control room. thanks to our correctors and crew this morning. bills that would help save these natural treasures. jonathan adds, parks are our most essential commons and we can not simply allow them to be closed. jeannie reminds us we voted on supporting our parks in november and decided we wanted money in our pockets more than we wanted our porks to remain open. elly applauds av-42 for public, private partnerships.
9:00 am
richard argues against a v-42. thanks for your comments s unl oine at nbc back now with more "today" on this tuesday morning, the 5th day of july, 2011. it's back to work for a lot of people after celebrating the nation's birthday. but these fine folks have taken an extended holiday day off. and so we're so glad they decided to join us this morning on the plaza. and on the plaza, i'm ann curry here with carl quintanilla in for matt this morning. we've got savannah guthrie. it's great to have the two of you. what a great day today. >> gorgeous. >> i guess we have no humidity. >> this is the day where you actually don't feel where your skin ends and the air -- like a
9:01 am
perfect seamless feeling. the temperature is so perfect. meantime, a serious skububject t is the deliberations under way for the jurors listening to the casey anthony case. they're back deliberating the case today. a jury of seven women and five men. savann savannah, you've been saying that women tend to be harder in a case like this on someone suspected of a crime like this. >> a lot of time people say women jurors are tougher particularly on female defendants. >> that's right. we're going to hear from star jones coming up this morning about that. and there she is. >> there's star right now and then we have a diet nutrition questions answered in our diet sos. one of the things we're talking about is more or less when it comes to your multi-vitamin and is it better to choose low sugar or high fiber when it comes to feeding your kids a healthy breakfast. also this morning, oh, baby, and the royal couple. kate causing quite a stir in canada when she answered a
9:02 am
question about possibly starting a family. what did she have to say? we'll head live to canada for the details on that. any of you guys grill hot dogs over the weekend? >> not hot dogs but a lot of grilling. >> i'm guessing you didn't grill 62 hot dogs. >> and i didn't stuff them in my face. >> joey "jaws" chestnut, the winner of the nathan's hot dog eating contest in ten minutes, he will be here along with the first winner of the new women's division, sonya thomas. >> we're going to give them -- >> my fesirst question was goin to be, are you hungry. >> asking before and after. before we get to all that let's get a check of the top stories, and natalie morales is at the news desk. >> good morning, again. seven american tourists are still missing today after their fishing boat sank sunday morning at gulf of california. at least one american was killed and 35 people were rescued. this morning we spoke exclusively to charles gibson, one of the survivors of the rec.
9:03 am
>> we tried to swim to a light we saw on the horizon. and after about three hours we figured it wasn't working because the light didn't get any closer. we decided to swim for shore. and we all got separated. and then for about 9 of the 16 hours out, i was alone. i think it was a total of my life experience that i kept reflecting on, my family and friends and situations to help me continue to swim. i had to swim the whole time in order to try to fight the current to get to finally what i call the big rock. it was a big island in the middle of this area about maybe five miles from where i started. >> mexican rescuers are continuing their search today because they believe the missing americans could still be alive in the warm calm waters. exxonmobil is now acknowledging that oil damage in the yellowstone river may be much worse than they initially stated.
9:04 am
some 42,000 gallons of oil have leaked into the river in montana since friday night after a 12-inch pipe was ruptured. and the river is expected to peak today further complicating clean-up efforts. a new study out today shows the risk of autism may not be caused by genetics. now one of the largest studies of twins with autism and related disorders shifts the focus to the womb itself, suggest that the mother's age and her health may play a larger role than previously thought. while the study doesn't solve the mystery of what causes autism, it shows faulty genes and outside factors may both be at work. and, oh, baby, the duke and duchess of cambridge caused quite a stir in canada after kate middleton dropped a possible hint about her hope to have a family. nbc's peter alexander reports. >> reporter: it was easy for royal admirers to ignore the wet weather on prince edward island on monday because once again, and there was consensus on this, william and kate shined.
9:05 am
>> kate's like just great. they're so perfect. so nice to see them. >> reporter: later william, a search and rescue helicopter pilot back home, took the controls of canadian's forces sea king. while kate snapped photos, the prince learned a nifty water landing maneuver called water birding. they weren't done with the water. going head to head in a boat race. the image alone reminding people of this shot of kate four years ago that catapulted her back in the spotlight shortly after they rekindled their romance. an monday after william's team won they seemed less like royalty, more like newlyweds. then there was that moment on sunday shortly after kate accepted a bougquet from this oe girl, one man wished the duchess well starting her own family. kate thanked him and reportedly said, yes, i hope to. just four words, but if true the first time the future queen has spoken publicly about having children.
9:06 am
enough to get the tabloids buzzing about a possible heir. >> that was peter alexander reporting. it is now five minutes past the hour. back outside again to ann, savannah and carl. we're all going to be watching for baby bump. >> we're all up in their business. >> a little too much. natalie, thank you so much. let's get a check of the weather. maria? >> good morning. good morning, everyone. picture perfect morning in new york city. where are you from? >> chicago. >> chicago. >> a little warm and sticky there today. let's see where we can see that humidity and storminess arrive as well across the southeast. in particular, we're concerned about the severe weather in the central plains from waterloo to rapid city and hastings, possibility of strong winds and hail. be alert in the south east today. showers and storms will bubble back up during the daytime heating. sizzling hot in the southern plains. good morning to you. still noticing a really thick
9:07 am
deck of clouds hugging the coastline this morning, overall, looking good. a little bit of wind that will help to push all the fog out of the way. 73, fairfield. east bay city is getting ready for another warm day. 99 degrees in concord. you are in the 70s right now. 79. that's the high today in san francisco. if you are sick of the heat, we have got good news for you. we are starting to drop off in temperature as of tomorrow. that cooldown really kicks in as we head through this weekend. 80 on sunday. >> natalie back to you. , maria, thank you. in florida, the jury is finally deliberating after more than a month of testimony. but not before two days of aggressive closing arguments. nbc's kerry sanders has been following the trial from the beginning in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. most people got july 4th off, but the jury began deliberating shortly after 12:00 and they worked until around 6:00 yesterday. they're back at it now. 12-member jury, 7 women and 5
9:08 am
men, who are going through hundreds of pieces of evidence now and more than 30 days worth of testimony. the question, do they believe, as prosecutors claim, that casey anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee? closing arguments lasted two days. >> any way you slice it, any way you put it together, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: on sunday and on the july 4th holiday, prosecutors tag teamed the case, ripping the defense's claims caylee accidentally drowned in the backyard pool. >> if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool, not floating in a swamp down the street. >> reporter: in his closings -- >> fantasy searches, fantasy forensics, phantom sticker, phantom stains, all of this nonsense -- >> reporter: -- defense attorney jose baez argued the state's case --
9:09 am
>> that's nonsense. >> reporter: -- was flawed. >> let's make up our minds. >> reporter: the only thing he proved, he said, was casey is a liar. >> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served only one purpose. and that was to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> reporter: but monday as the state got the final word, prosecutor linda draen drane burdick asked the jury to remember, casey failed to alert anyone for 31 days that caylee was even missing. >> counsel suggested that the detailing of what ms. anthony was doing during these 31 days had more to do with the state trying to prove that she was a slut? did i hear that? >> reporter: and the state asked, why would caylee have duct tape across her nose and mouth, why, they asked, would
9:10 am
casey's father george do that, as the defense says. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> reporter: as she wrapped up, prosecutor drane burdick played the words of the one witness who never took the stand, casey anthony herself. >> the phone call. >> reporter: calling home to her mother the day of her arrest. >> mom. >> what? >> no. >> i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. are you kidding me? >> casey, don't waste your call to scream and holler at me. >> no, waste my call, sitting in, oh, the jail? >> as that was played in kourd i watched as prosecutor linda drane burdick artfully turned away and walked away, leaving the jurors only one place to look and that was directly ahead, directly at casey anthony. there's no timetable here, natalie, on when the jury will come back. the judge has told them they need to take the time to come to
9:11 am
a conclusion. >> all right, could be any time. kerry sanders, we're keeping watch along with you. thank you. star jones is a former prosecutor and veteran legal commentator. six weeks. 110 witnesses and two exhausting days of closing arguments. coming out overall impressions for you? who made a stronger case? >> well, obviously the burden of proof is on the prosecution. >> right. >> so they better have made a stronger case or we could all be going home right away. >> right. did they have -- did they prove? >> the prosecution really did a very thorough job in going through their circumstantial case. i thought that the defense should have done one thing, which was address the elephant in the room. they overpromised in the opening statements. and although the judge said he would not allow them to be sort of blasted by the prosecution for doing that because it would shift the burden, i think in some ways jose baez should have copped to the fact so that the jury does not blame casey
9:12 am
anthony, just words to the effect, charge it to my head, ladies and gentlemen, not to my heart. i thought that the evidence was going to show certain things. and in trials it often does not pan out. >> overpromised in the sense that he did not deliver on the ultimate theory of the accidental death or the molestation which the judge didn't allow. >> right. thank goodness the judge didn't allow it. >> because there was no proof there. >> but in the heads of the jurors they remember this is what jose baez promised us and didn't. >> can that then, the lack of a clear cause of death, does that then -- is there enough reasonable doubt, do you think, in the juror's mind if they can't figure out how she died, how can we prove that it was, you know, by premeditation or do they even have to prove premeditation? >> remember, first of all, cause of death is not an element of the crime. we just have to make sure that the baby is dead. >> a crime is committed and she died. >> intentional and with
9:13 am
premeditation. only for one type of first degree. the second type is the one that becomes complicated. aggravated child abuse as the bottom line felony, if she was in the process of committing aggravated child abuse or attempting to commit aggravated child abuse and the baby died that is first degree murder. think about it like this. if you believe that she was using chloroform and/or dubct tape to quiet child, make the child behave or anything like that, anybody would say that's aggravated child abuse. and if the baby died as a result of it that is first degree murder. >> quickly, the defense's case, you said the biggest mistake they made. >> right, but i think the defense did a good job of raising reasonable doubt. making sure the burden stays on the prosecution. it's not an easy case for the prosecution but there's enough evidence there if the jury wants to convict. there is a dead baby. remember that. >> and the evidence of the
9:14 am
behavi behavior? >> brutally killed and there's no question that this baby died in a really, really brutal fashion. >> no question. absolutely. star jones, thanks so much. as always, i no we you guys talked at length much earlier in the show. coming up next, from the right multi-vitamins to the best healthy foods. and then a little bit later on, from haircare to what you wear, how to stay cool in the summer heat. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too?
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this morning in joy's diet sos diet, joy has advice on everything from choosing the
9:18 am
right multi-vitamin to keeping the weight off for the long haul. that's the hard part. joy, good morning to you. our first question comes from skype. it's sana in houston, texas. i hope i said your name right. >> you did. a doctor recommended i take any multivit man that targets my age which is 50. i'm trying to figure out which one to buy and i'm confused about the quality and safety and how they all compare. can you please explain what a consumer needs to know when choosing a multi-vitamin? >> when it comes to choosing a multi-vitamin go with a standard formulation that offers up about 100% of the daily value. and that's that capital dv that you see on the bottle next to all the different ingredients. there's going to be things like calcium is too bulky to fit in one pill so you're not going to get 100% of all of them but in this case more is not necessarily better. so just go with around 100% and there are a few notes you do need to know.
9:19 am
post menopausal women and all men need a formulation without iron. you don't need iron. the only population that needs iron are premenopausal women that are losing iron-rich blood. the second thing to know is if you can find a formulation with at least 800 ius of vitamin d-3 rks that's a major bonus because there are not that many foods that have a lot of vitamin d. unfortunately a lot of people are coming back from that doctor check-ups with low levels. follow those things, you will be great. there's a lot of good brands. >> sanna, thank you for your question. angie is on the phone from prospect, connecticut. the question of the year. angie, go. angie, are you there? >> yes, i am p. >> hi, angie. go right ahead with your question. >> how are you? >> great. >> all right. yeah, i've been on a diet for a lot of years, joy. and i lose a lot of weight and
9:20 am
then in six months, it's back. i was once on a diet, hospital, and it was a liquid diet, i lost 60 pounds. and in five months i got gained 70 pounds back. >> how do you keep it off? >> yeah, so this is a really good question. first off, i want to say that it's much easier to stick with the diet on the way down because you have the number goal, the excitement of that dangling carrot and you're striving to either fit into a smaller size or watch the numbers on the scale move down. so that motivates you in and of its own. maintaining is much harder because now you're goal is staying put, which is way less exhilarating. so what i would tell you to do is to constantly redefine your goals. and it has to be health specific but it could really be anything. so when you hit your goal, maybe you want to train for a 5k for charity, you want to master a sport. the idea is to come up with these new goals to keep you motivated and on track. >> angie, thank you, joy.
9:21 am
and still to come, fashion cheap strategies to get control of your money, right after this. [ female announcer ] only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value.
9:22 am
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9:23 am
if morning, true champs who chowed their way to victory in the nathan's 96th annual hot dog eating contest that takes place every 4th of july weekend on coney island. >> this time we had the new women's only division. and we have the reining champion joey chestnut joining us and sonya thomas. congratulations to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so you ate how many yesterday? >> 62 yesterday. >> 62. which not your personal best. >> you can't even look at it? >> delicious, but i'm still digesting them. >> so are you pretty excited about another win? >> i did what i had to do. i accomplished my goal and i'm having fun. >> what was the strategy? i always wonder how you guys -- i don't think the hot dog is the worst part, it's the buns, too. >> i agree. i get into a rhythm and it's not
9:24 am
about eating. i just put it in and get it down. >> i can't even watch that video. >> people are looking at you and thinking she is so tyne by. >> teeny. >> you had 40, right, to win yesterday? >> yes. if i had more time i could oath at least 45. >> so what's your strategy? >> i just focus in my mind and then i'm saying, you know, next to me, you'llia lee, and she was pushing me to eat more, so i accomplished it, yeah. >> do you guys watch your weight normally? >> every time. >> you watch your weight? >> it's really hard. i love to eat. so i have to count my calories all the time. if i don't count my calories -- >> because your stomach must be so distended. >> it's not that. i just love to eat. that's what makes me a great competitor. i love to eat and i love to beat people. >> nice nathan's hot dog. >> sure. >> sonya. are you happy there was a women's division this year? >> yes, uh-huh.
9:25 am
>> all right. thank you both. congratulations. enjoy the title. i see it's one of the sponsors of pepto-bismol. we're back with more after these messages. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight.
9:26 am
♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. three separate wildfires overnight, three grass fires, rather, started in about the same area, all close to bay point. first started at 9:29 on solano avenue. then, at 10:05, the port chicago highway and at 11:00, one on well done lane. a lot of people celebrating the fourth of july setting off their own fireworks. we asked the fire chief about a possible connection. >> there are a lot of fireworks out.
9:27 am
our mire marshalls are out trying to determine the cause of the fires. fireworks here in the county are illegal. that's one of the reasons, to try and make sure we are not going to have these type of fires. >> the fire burned close to railroad tracks which caused trains to slow down as they passed by. all those fires are out. richmond, one step closer to issuing i.d. cards to people that have no other form of identification. city council members will vote ton an ordinance to issue knows city i.d.s. it will allow people to open bank accounts and use city services regardless of immigration statuses. nearly one-third of richmond residents are immigrants. quick break. we will be right back. tonight at 11:00, advocates of medical marijuana claim it can ease the symptoms of a variety of illnesses. parents of severely autistic children believe that pot holds promises for treating children
9:28 am
with these diseases. >> i'm guess jessica aguirre re. is it every justified giving marijuana to a child? tonight at 11:00 op nbc bay area news. >> go good morning, welcome back, now in the 70s in some areas. 63, napa. 60 degrees in san francisco. we are going to see a really hot day. gorgeous conditions towards the coast. as you can see here, 79.
9:29 am
that's it in san francisco up to 93 degrees in santa rosa. 95 in gilroy. and, we have got a giants' game in town at at&t park, 7:0 and catch that game on our media partners comcast sports bay area. first pitch, 65 degrees. as we head through 8:00, 62, a little breezy. fog rolls in at 9:00 p.m. as you make your way home. as we head through the remainder of the week, we have a cooldown on the way. low 80s as of sunday. we are looking much better as we head further into the week, back to laura. in for the latest, traffic and news updates. check out nbc bay area on facebo. another local news update in half an hour.
9:30 am
i'm a fan of yours already. when i hear music that i love. >> thank you so much. >> me hitting that button, i'm a fan of yours, man. that's my $5 or $10 or whatever you're selling. i believe you. i believe you. >> thank you. >> we are a fan of his because that is country music star blake shelton, one of the music coaches on nbc's hit show "the voice." and this friday on "today," you're going to hear blake's wonderful voice when he takes center stage. live for our summer concert series on the plaza. we're going a little bit country this week. if you're in the neighborhood stop by and come see blake shelton in concert in person. meanwhile, coming up in this
9:31 am
half hour, how to stay cool and look good doing it. savannah has no problem with that. >> i don't know. the humidity gets up there, bad hair days all around. >> for all of us. >> we're going to talk about the right fabrics, the right hairstyles, the right products to use to keep you cool when the mercury rises. also, as the cost of living is rising for so many families, we're going to show you some faster, cheaper, and better strategies to help you create a budget, afford a vacation and even sell your house as quickly as possible. we always like that. okay. and you know the saying, it is so good it should be illegal? that is true. well, today we're going to show you how to legalize some of your favorite indulgence foods. a lot of us indulged a little too much yesterday, the pizza, the pasta, the hot dogs, the ice cream. we're going to show you how to turn them into healthier options to indulge in your cravings. but first, another check of the weather. in for al this week we have maria la rosa. hi marx rhea. >> good morning, ladies. good morning, everyone. a beautiful start to the day in new york. much of the northeast, a little drier. the sun will be hot, though, up
9:32 am
to 90 in new york fop the south of that boundary, showers and thunderstorms, humidity and sizzling heat. more records could fall from florida over into the southern plains. otherwise, a chance of severe weather. good morning. this stubborn cloud bank is keeping things nice and mild. san francisco, 60 degrees. meanwhile, up to 73 in fairfield headed towards the upper 90s. 99 in fairfield today. livermore, concord. 92, napa. 80 degrees in santa cruz. nice and mild there. if you are sick of the heat, we are going to drop off in temperature asf o tomorrow and really see a big cooldown this
9:33 am
weekend. get tips to
9:34 am
get perspiration. the lead coach is cornell mcclellan who is the first family's personal trainer. he's going to be there every step of the way. >> i know your specific sport you are talking about is jumping rope. >> yes. ♪ >> go ahead and do that. i'll get out of your way. that usually helps. all right. looking good. >> even in the olympics we did about 20 minutes of jump roping a day, every morning to warm up. so i want kids and families to get involved. the great way is you don't need a jump rope. you can envision that you have a jump rope and just hold your hands in the position. >> i'm amazed that she can jump rope and talk and make sense. >> and not even sound out of breath. >> would you like a piece of gum while you're at it? dominique dawes, thanks so much. coming up next -- staying cool with style in the summer heat. maybe not doing jumping rope.
9:35 am
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9:39 am
there's÷ú capsiasin in the chi powder actually increases your body temperature which causes you to sweat, thereby cooling you off. we're saying to just add chili. add a little chili powder to your banana or to your mango. >> gives it a little kick? >> gives it a little kick. you have a very sweet treat as well. >> and then mint to cool off. this makes some sense. >> exactly. so the menthol in mint triggers your skin's cool receptors. add mint to your water, it actually cools you down. >> let's move on to beauty products. rehydrating mist. everybody would think that this would make you feel cool but not all of these mists are created equal. >> the idea is when it's blazing outside you would love to run through a sprinkler. we can't do that.ómo but sprinkling water is the next best thing. but water can sometimes be drying to your skin. so the idea here, with the
9:40 am
benefit rehydrating mist is it actually has ingredients that actually hydrate your skin. you have lotus extract and other skin nourishing ingredients in there. you just mist it just like this and it gives you a very cool and very easy feeling. >> you get the dewy look. >> you can add it on top of your makeup as well. >> okay. and speaking of makeup, i think the last thing people want to do when it's hot out is put a ton of foundation on. you say this powder is a good solution? >> exactly. the new formula of makeup and powders is actually made with a lot of water. so this is the mac magically cool powder. it's made with more than 50% water. so if you touch it here, it actually creates a very tingly sensation and it's extremely cooling. just dust a little bit on top of your skin and it gives you a very nice radiant finish. >> okay. we've got to move on here. the cool -- you say you can put your perfume in the refrigerator, which is a great idea. >> stash your scent in the fridge.
9:41 am
what it does is actually cools down the scent but when you mist it, you get this very kind of fresh feeling. but the other thing is that putting your scent in the fridge actually helps preserve your fragrance. breathable workout clothes. >> when it's hot outside you're thinking i don't want to workout. you can work out in this very 3- breathable clothing that comes to us from asics. it's uv resistant. >> and white linen is a great cooling idea? >> at "instyle" where the lwd, little linen white dress. what you want to do with this, it's a breathable fabric. linen actually, the air just flows through it and it's very easy to wear. you add mousse to your hair and you have a beachy, wavy, look.  >> nice tight pony tail there. all nice ideas. the chili:g, powder, i'm going remember that one. coming up next, fast financial strategies to meet your money goals, right after this.
9:42 am
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it's nice 'n easy colorblend foam! permanent color with tones and highlights. now in a delightful foam. just three shakes, foam it, love it! it's foamtastic! new nice 'n easy colorblend foam. your right color. this morning on "today's money," faster, cheaper, better financial strategies.túf'm whether you want to save lot in a little bit of time or be able to afford a vacation, "money" magazine's july issue has what you need. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is sort of a mix and match strategy for meeting your financial goals, whatever those goals may be, right? >> right. because there's a classic time/money tradeoff. and for some people, money is
9:46 am
more important, and some is time. some are just perfectionists. they want the best possible way of doing something. >> let's get to saving money then. the first thing would be the faster option. a lot of people, you need to save money yesterday.÷ create a bucket budget. what do you mean by that? >> for budgeting, it's so easy you can't believe it. you set up three accounts. savings account, have ñr automatically deposit into that account the amount of money you want to save. no-brainer. then the one checking account is for your recurring monthly expenses that you always have. then your second checking account is just for the fun money. so you don't really need to budget. just always look at that third account and that's how much money you have. >> you have to watch your spending though. sometimes you're going to spend a little bit on maybe having the extra checking accounts but there's a way to check what your spending and that is >> that's a cheaper option. it's free to put it on your smart phone or do it online. it will automatically capture, you go to a grocery store and automatically put into the food category how much you're
9:47 am
spending. it does take a little bit more time because you have to input cash expenditures. maybe half an hour a week. >> that's a reality check, though, for sure. and then if you have extra money, you say it's worth putting towards a good software program that will help you track your spending and that's -- you like quicken? >> quicken premier, it's $90. if you're budgeting obsessive, it's the only way to go. you can do a million charts and graphs. >> if you like to see if all in pretty pictures. >> i'm not that way, but some people are. >> next, planning a vacation and for those who don't have a lot of time, you say the fastest way to go and there's a good way to save is doing what? >> going all inclusive. it used to be the cheesy, cookie cutter resorts that did this, but now it's more high-end places and they wrap together lodging and food and your airfare. one quick phone call and you're done. >> cheaper category, good way to save is choosing a rental home i wherever you're going on your vacation. >> people know so much about cutting airfare but the largest component of your spending on vacation is going to be lodging.
9:48 am
if you rent, go to home and look for a rental apartment or house and you save a third. >> and you save on meals sometimes, too that way. =/% >> because you have a kitchen. >> kitchen included. next thing is for those who can't afford a little bit of extravagance, you say the better alternative is to go to a top travel agent. have them plan out the trip for you. >> yeah. >> what can you expect and what kinds of services and how much are you going to pay or that? >> you go to and they rank the top notch ones. let's say you want to go on an african safari. you don't want to get eaten by a lion. you want to make sure it's the best possible outfitter. there is some problem, you get injured or cancelation of flight, they can swoop in and protect you. it might be $400, $600 for that, but it's a good investment. >> sometimes you're protected in making sure you get your money's worth as well. next is real estate. obviously, a struggling market the last couple of years. the faster category, you know, for sellers, you say, you might have to consider a little bit underselling your home, the price of your home. >> underpricing it.
9:49 am
>> under pricing it. >> it's painful. 10% lower than what the comps are going for, comparable homes, you have to remember you will get a lot of attention. just because you're listing it at that doesn't mean you will sell it for that. hopefully you will start a bidding war. you're going to cut the amount of time you're carry that mortgage. let's say you've already bought another house. just get that thing unloaded. >> cheaper category you suggest is not for the faint at heart. what are you saying, you can act as your own broker. >> known as fsbo, for sale by owner. you're listing it yourself. you're save that 6% agent commission. but you've got to do it. open houses, you've got to market it. it's a lot of work. >> it's a full-time job in itself. >> finally in the better category you say adopt a multipronged strategy. what should that include? >> you're basically coming at it from both sides if you're negotiating with the agent saying, will you accept a 5%
9:50 am
commission instead of 6% if i do things with getting a home i'll pay for myself. and really getting that down and you're helping and they're helping and you can get it sold quickly and for less money. >> elizabeth, as always, great information. thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up next, how to eat your favorite foods without packing on the pounds. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning on eat smart today, legalizing your favorite foods, from pizza to bagels and sushi, we all have the trigger foods that knock us off the diet wagon time after time. today's diet and nutrition editor is here with some healthier options. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> the whole idea blehind this s we don't have to say no to our favorite foods but modify them. >> no guilt and no deprivation, even though some things taste so good they should be illegal. let's look at some of your favorites. >> top of my list, pizza.
9:53 am
>> now and then as an occasional indulgence go for the real thing in a pizza parlor and that's fine. that's half your calories and more than -- >> i can't believe this is 750 calories. >> how much could this have in 2 or 300? but it's 750 calories. instead of saying no pizza, i'm not going to eat that. if you're in a pizza place or at home get something, where are all the calories? cheese and fatty pepperoni and crust. get a thinner crust. get a lot of veggies on top because that helps to bulk it up. ask it to be light on the cheese. they're not going to have reduced fat cheese. >> this is at home. >> at home, take a 12-inch tortilla, flatten it out. put reduced fat cheese and veggies and turkey pepperoni and you don't tell anybody it's turkey pepperoni. >> they'll never know. okay. bagels, another favorite for me. >> another favorite, a regular bagel and cream cheese, that's packing on a third of the call is are for a day. there are options that work that actually look pretty similar.
9:54 am
you can take a full-size bagel and scoop out the inside. hollow it out and all that dough is gone. cutting the calories in half and using reduced fat cream cheese but not nonfat. or downsize your bagel size to a small bagel. >> dessert, my favorite. banana split looks fantastic. let me see. oh, my gosh, 1,000 calories. >> now and then, one easy thing is to get two spoons and share it. there are good options because when you have these sweet treats it's the first few bites that taste really good. try a frozen banana on a stick or make your own reduced fat ice cream or frozen yogurt or have prepack gan prepackaged snacks that you can eat the whole thing and have that satisfaction. here's the shocker. sh sushi. natalie and i were not happy. >> when you look at -- >> i thought that was a light option. >> sushi is the light option if
9:55 am
you don't get tempura, fried, or spicy tuna, anything like that. thing that's going to have a creamy texture is going to be something with a lot of calories. these two together with 1,000 calories. also, watch the soy sauce. this tiny at is your salt for the whole day. >> thank you so much. coming up, celebrity shockers. >> and all that hollywood buzz. that's after your local news and weather. have a great day. has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy
9:56 am
stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleaned hardwood floor? well, i have seen the glory of steam-cleaned kitchen tile in the early morning hours! i have saved floors. i have lived! also, we'll be passing a card around for carl. please sign it. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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12:56. i'm laura garcia sdsh cannon. one of the officers was carrying a taser but didn't use it. police received reports that the man was drunk. officers confronted that man and one minute later, fired shots. police are now looking at surveillance videos and firing shots. questioning witnesses. you are asking anyone who may know something about the shooting to give them a call. a city leader will begin a week's worth of community sr advice today. councilman, ash kalra pled guilty on a drunken driving charge. he was fined $2,000 and given three years probation. kalra has to attend 90 days of counseling. he has since apologized for his actions. he is san jose's first inldia indian-american council member. they are hoping to make more progress on the 49ers stadium.
9:58 am
they are hoping to meet to discuss the progress as well as agreements on loans and marketing. stadium authority still finalizing the overall stadium financing plan. the new 68,000 seat stadium would be built next to great american and include $114 million in public contributions. let's take a look at the forecast, christina. it has been downright hot lately. we have changes on the way. a big cooldown slated for the week. i think as we head through each and every day, we will track 3-5 degrees from your daytime high. already dropping off in places like fairfield, 99 degrees. 79, san francisco. that's it. you have low clouds keeping the city nice and cool. 92, redwood city and 80 in santa cruz. through sunday shlgs better and better. back to you, laura. for the latest traffic and
9:59 am
news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i will have another local update in half an hour. see you then. from nbc
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. captionpaid for by nbc-universal television it's booze-day tuesday, the 5th of july. >> how was your 4th? >> it was it's the 5th of july. >> it is. how was your fourth? >> it was beautiful. it was the first time back since we sold our place. nice to be back with old friends -- not old but long-time
10:01 am
friends. you cherish the friends who have always, always been there for you, you know. >> yeah. >> and you had quite the trip. last night, rege and joy came over. we watched all the fireworks displays. >> there's probably not a better place on earth than to watch the fireworks than at your house. you're on this peninsula thing that sticks out. you can see all the fireworks from the macy's ones. >> 15 or 20 of them all over the place. yeah, yeah, it was fun. >> that's a beautiful spot. >> yeah. >> i flew to sun valley, idaho. >> you certainly did. >> i've never been before. it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. that's the skating picture. >> i was going to say, gee, hoda. >> anyway, it's a beautiful, beautiful spot. no humidity. gorgeous mountains. >> good hair. >> it stays light until 9:00 or 9:30 at night. te it's deceiving. you say, my god, it's 9:00 at night. the sun sets like a rocket at
10:02 am
9:30. it was fun. >> what were you doing there, hoda woman? >> i went with james. >> yeah? >> we had a really nice time outside. we have some -- >> outside. >> couples pictures. >> there is jay, everybody, for the first time. >> we're sitting outside at a restaurant. we also went to a restaurant with friends, rob and sherry. >> which he cannot keep his hands off you. that is the sweetest thing. >> great restaurant there. anyway, it's a beautiful spot. i thought in the winter, of course, it's gorgeous. a lot of people go for skiing and stuff. in the summer, it's incredible. >> but not easy to get to from here. you have to fly to salt lake. >> just takes forever and a day. i was so tired when i got home, i missed the whole fireworks display. >> you said this morning you heard it. you thought i bet it's beautiful. >> i could hear them exploding around my apartment. i think we have some of the macy's fireworks. >> this is for hoda shall because she missed it.
10:03 am
>> oh, this is pretty. >> see what you missed, hoda? >> gorgeous. oh, my gosh! >> they said because it's been 125 years since they got the statute of liberty from france that they would make the it the greatest, greatest ever. we don't need any fires in this country. so many of the firehouses are closing down with all the cities in financial trouble and people -- there's nobody there to enforce the law about fireworks. >> fireworks and stuff, yeah. >> everybody is going out there, setting their stuff off and there's no one there to crack down. >> you know, it's funny. one of the gross traditions, i think, of the fourth -- i can't even watch it. everyone is fascinated by it. the nathan's hot dog eating contest. i gag every time i watch it. i try to turn away from the
10:04 am
camera. okay. ooh! the guy ate 62 -- close your eyes. >> hot dogs and buns. >> let me tell you what they do. okay, okay. that's -- >> joey chestnut, hoda. he won. >> let's look at what -- 62 hot dogs. >> 62 hot dogs. >> -- looks like. >> they don't want to show it yet. >> there's n862. joy bauer would have a fit if she looked at that. >> now they dunk them in water so the bun is soaked and they just -- >> so they just -- >> now there's a woman in the contest. >> equal opportunity. >> known as the black widow. >> don't even ask why. we don't know. >> people are so skinny, too. >> they're thin. okay. anyway, congratulations to them. >> i know. i almost feel weird congratulating for, you know -- >> i know, it's gross. >> something that -- >> the guy who won the year
10:05 am
before, kobayashi, he didn't want to participate because he didn't want to sign the exclusivity agreement. he did it on the roof of his apartment and he said he won. so there. >> you know what? nobody ever talks about on july 4th? >> what? >> what happens on july 5th, after 62 hot dogs. >> nobody wants to hear about that. >> you have to deal with reality. it's part of maturity. >> it is part of it. >> in madero, speaking of maturity, the largest cow bell band. >> they play to this song, i think it is. >> 1,000 people. >> "don't fear the reaper." listen. ♪ >> why, you might ask? >> because they can. and everybody wants to get into the guinness book of world records. >> apparently.
10:06 am
>> all righty. there's another thing that might upset a lot of men in the world. you're going to tell everybody about it. >> why am i? this one is hard to tell. >> men, look at your hands. >> hold your hand up, men. and then look at your index finger versus your ring finger. >> ring finger. >> put them together. if your ring finger is longer than your index finger -- >> look at rob shueter checking? you are -- how should we put it? >> well endowed. >> well endowed. >> oh, my gosh, dave. >> because we want -- yes. davy, yes. how are we going to prove this? we'll have to take his word for it. >> we saw yours. not so good back here. >> a lot of the guys are putting their hands in their pockets. >> anyway, in the asian journal of andrology.
10:07 am
for whatever it's worth, we are nbc news and we are here to inform you. now if you're seeing an awful lot of shoes going round town with red soles, which means supposedly that they are christian luis vuittons. well worn. natalie gets around, in style. >> yes. now what people are doing is painting the bottom of the sole for 32 bucks with cobbler red paint and then your shoes will appear to be luis vuitton. it's called a red sole upgrade. >> you own the color red? how can you patent something that -- >> it's fine to did a knock i don't have. if you go to new york, anyone who has been here knows you can get a purse that looks like something.
10:08 am
>> it's illegal, hoda woman. >> i know. can you still buy them, and people do. i've gotten one. you haven't gotten a knock-off purse? >> i hope not. >> the ones on the street are. they're 20 bucks or whatever they are. it's fine to have a knock-off to paint the bottom of the soles of your shoes. >> it's deceiptful. >> so what? >> and deceptive. that doesn't bother you? >> no. everyone wears knock-off clothes. some people, that's as close as you're going to get, is the pretend version of the shoe or the -- >> all right, hoda woman. >> all right. these are kind of cute pictures. a wildlife photographer want to indonesia and he found a monkey that took a like to his camera. >> taking pictures of apes, right? >> apes, and one of the apes takes a liking to his camera and is snapping self portraits of himself. look at the one where he's smiling. he apparently liked the sound of
10:09 am
the shutter, the click of the shutter. >> i dated a guy like that. >> look how cute that is. >> didn't last for obvious reasons, but anyway -- >> let me talk quickly about this magazine. it is called "whole living." >> "whole living" and who represents that more than you, hoda woman? no, it's true. >> they taught me this thing called qui gong. >> you receive energy and life that way? >> i'm over here. >> i would get sort of a cramp. >> you do kind of zen out while you're doing it. >> how long are you supposed to do it for, hoda? >> for a while, for as long as it takes to take the picture. >> what happens to you? >> it pooboosts your energy, banishes your negativity. >> it got you in a magazine.
10:10 am
you've never done that since then and you know it. >> let's bring out our girl brittany. there's a new trend -- well, it's kind of old now. remember the feathers we were telling you about? they were part of your hair accessory. now brittany is modeling them as part of the earring trend. what do we think, brit? >> i think they're different. they're fun. they're better than putting the feathers actually in your hair. >> yeah. >> you know so you can actually have a excuse to drink the booze-day tuesday, bikini martini. >> what does it have in there? >> i don't drink blue stuff. >> it's time for miss sara, how was your holiday? >> it was great. i now have a west-facing
10:11 am
apartment. so i sat in my living room and snapped text pictures of the fireworks. it was a really exciting night. it was a school night, we had work today. you can't do anything too crazy. gretchen wrote in, i just had my husband and let me check and i just started laughing. he is. and a lot of people are excited, they saw jay. congratulations, hoda. he's a cutie. and gill asked, is it true you guys are coming to montreal to do two shows? >> it is true. >> we're going to give you the details, if you are in montreal, where you can watch the show. >> we're doing a coming up next, which celebrities were watching fireworks while you were enjoying the fourth of july weekend. then how the royal couple spends their down time from a guy you want to know. ben vogel is in the house. >> first these messages. them. >> ben vogel is in the house.
10:12 am
mmmmmmm...good meeting. same time tomorrow? [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. i see a bag and think... i could have a chip. yeah right. that's why they're called chips? [ female announcer ] new special k cracker chips. 27 crispy chips. 110 delicious calories. another cracker chip? don't mind if i do! [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. don't mind♪ f i do! hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. [ vet ] your turn max. [ cat ] inside and out.
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we're out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? your toilet paper shouldn't be too soft. we're out of toilet paper again. fortunately, angel soft is an ideal balance of softness and strength. unlike other toilet paper that has just one ply, angel soft has two. and it's strong, yet gentle on your skin. ♪ angel soft ♪ an ideal balance of softness and strength ♪ time for a holiday weekend review with today buzz and all the celebrity news you may have missed while were you out celebrating our country's independence. >> here to fill us in is naughty, but nice, rob, from >> what were you doing on the 4th? >> i was celebrating getting rid of the british. >> you have been americanized,
10:15 am
haven't you? >> we saw that maria did file for divorce. >> she filed on the 1st. it's taken a couple of months. she's filed now, she's asked for joint custody of the two children that are still under the age of 21. and spousal support, too. they do have about $500 million between them. so this is going to be a massive break-up financially. >> maybe the biggest in a long time. >> it could be the biggest one of all time. and they're saying it's going to be ammicable. they're saying that arnold has made a mess of this and wants it to turn out well. >> and there is talk of a book? >> she hasn't got a book deal. what several agents have said is if she tells her side of the story and be very graphic about what happened, she might be able to get $15 million. which is the biggest book advance ever. bill clinton got $15 million, too. >> and she's also not going to need the money. >> knowing maria i would be very surprised if she would tell all. it does not sound like her. >> but if you do your own book,
10:16 am
you could dell it in your own words. >> she might want to do a different kind of book that talks in general. >> so if you are a fan of "glee," i think you're going to be a little put off. because they're talking about taking out one of the main characters from "glee"? >> this is really interesting. the blonde-haired chap, he was in the season last year. he's terrific. he's been killed off. he's been killed off? no, not, not killed off. sorry, everybody. he's gone from the show. this is what the big take-away is here, "glee's" creative director, this guy called ryan has said that these kids shouldn't be at the school for ten years. that he wants them to graduate. he wants new cast. he wants fresh blood. so this is just the beginning of cast member turnover. >> do you rern "90210"? they were all in high school forever. and they had gray hair when they finally graduated. >> do you remember the oxygen show, where they had the winner of the next show was going to be
10:17 am
a kid on "glee." >> i think they're going to recreate the show. they want new blood, they want new talent. which is great for young people out there who have talent and want to be on the show. and it is more realistic. the teachers are going to stay. so there will be some continuity with them. >> i was going to say, i watched jane lynch yesterday in -- >> she's so funny. >> no. no, in something else, i forgot she was in the "fugitive." there's a story about that. >> daniel radcliffe spoke out to "gq" about a drinking issue. >> he sat down and said he had a terrible drinking problem. he has fixed it now, has not touched a drop of alcohol. but he said that amount of fame and that amount of money really got to him and he's decided that you can be famous and have a quiet lifestyle and be fine with that. >> and he is such a hard-working young man. he really should have been nominated for a tony for his performance. >> absolutely. >> and nobody ever sought him out. so his friends that he used to go out drinking with.
10:18 am
often a lot of these photographs you see in magazines. no one did it to him and he's so happy. >> thank you, rob. let me see your hand. up next, why everybody is buzzing about a baby for will we'>> bllkad e te. >> we'll be right back. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal
10:19 am
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10:21 am
if you haven't already heard, prince william and kate are wowing crowds in canada this week and soon they're going to be doing same right here in the united states. >> nbc news special correspondent ben vogel is the man many want to be. he just returned from canada. so nice to see you. >> hello. >> there's a lot of buzz, apparently a well-wisher walked up to kate and asked her if she wanted to have a family and said yes, i hope to. and now it's exploded to is she pregnant. >> there's been so much speculation for years about are they going to mary.
10:22 am
and the natural progression is when will they have children. if i speak to all of my friends who are starting to get married, the natural progression is yeah, you're going to have kids one day. but surely they want to have fun and enjoy life and go on tours. so i don't read into it too much. i think it will happen at some stage. but let them breathe. >> you know, it's just barely, calmed down about she was pregnant when they got married, you know? >> enough with that. >> unfortunately, that's what she's married into. and this is the reality of her life ahead. but she's taking it in her stride. >> we were saying, watching her interact with the crowd, it looked so natural and real. >> listen, what's amazing and having been up in canada and seeing it, she really is that natural. what's incredible is she makes everyone around her feel completely comfortable. no one is kind of star-struck and fainting. she takes time. she chats. you can see from the pictures there, she's got a big smile. every time there's a young girl with flowers wanting to give them to william, william says,
10:23 am
you know, let kate take them. they're working well as a team together. >> that's the other thing that's been lovely to see. his adoration of her. he just beams. it's almost like jay with hoda-woman. it's just, always touching. we don't see any of that between the queen and prince phillip because it's an absolute no-no. >> there was a wonderful photograph of them yesterday when they were dragon-racing and they enveloped each other. they're a young couple, just being very natural and canada is a good place for being natural. >> her fashion sense, everyone is wondering, what she's going to wear, she wears a dress and everyone buys it. what do you think of what she's been wearing in canada? >> what i really love is the fact that she's been recycling dresses. there was that fantastic white dress she wore in ottawa with the maple leaf hat. and i love the fact that people out there who are struggling maybe financially a little bit can actually think, wow, if she
10:24 am
can wear it more than once, so can i. and i think she's really with the times. do you recycle your dresses? >> i wore this eight days ago. that's what they said. now, what's cool is you know them, personally. is this, is this difficult for them? these kind of journeys? are they joyful, enjoying themselves? >> for kate this is the first. william has been on tours before. i've been with him in botswana last year. he takes it in stride. but this is a big step for her. she married into it. she knew what she was getting into. this, i think 1300 accredited journalists following them. it's a huge crowd. but they have a smile on their face the whole time. you can't make them frown. >> we're so glad you were with us. thank you. we'll be back in a moment. expedia. make it work. ch booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you
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10:26 am
good morning. it's 10 dl:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. a fishing boat capsized tossi tossing 28 into the water. all but seven have been found so far. nbc 10 talked to one of the men rescued. joey chestnut can once again call himself the hotdog king. he blue away the competition at
10:27 am
the nation's hotdog eating contest. he ate 62 hotdogs, buns and all in ten minutes. that's six short of his own record but enough to get him a fifth straight title. his closest competition, pat buchlt rletti ate 53 dots. there are some that say he is not the true champ. just a few miles away on a manhattan roof top kobiashi put a continue crown on his head and called himself. they are taking it seriously. kobisahi has been banned from the nathan's contest because he
10:28 am
wouldn't sign a contract with rjoma league eating, the contest governing body. we are going to take a quick break. i think we need one and some roll aids after that. jo
10:29 am
>> welcome back. still way on our way to the upper 90s in concord. san francisco, 63 headed towards 79. if you are headed towards the giants' game, 7:15. 60 and breezy.
10:30 am
bring a jacket. a nice cooldown, finally, laura. we'll take it. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 a.m. have a great aftersnoon. keep it cool. on we are back on this booze day tuesday. can buy it straight like
10:31 am
that? >> or take a supplement. like brain strong. everyone should be sure they're getting enough dha. it's that important. >> an apple a day keeps the doctor away? >> there's all kinds of studies that show anti-oxidants in apples lower the risk for heat disease, cancer, increase your chances of staying muscularly strong as you get older. >> is there something in it called peptin? >> called finola compounds. >> i wases going it say that. >> if you're not an apple person, can you get the same thing from -- >> the most important thing can you do, is load the plate, nine
10:32 am
servings a day of colorful fruits and vegetables? >> nine, darn it, nine. >> is an apple one serving? >> a small apple. a big apple, two servings. >> we've heard the thing about carrots making you see better. is that true? >> it is actually true. because they contain a compound called beta carotene, the building block of vitamin a, which is important of building the structures in your eye and helping you with vision. so carrots are good. just keep in mind that other vegetables like spinach are just as good, it has the beta carotene, and other compounds which i'm sure you know about. lutein and zeoxanthine. >> that was right on the tip of my tongue. >> lowers the risk for macular degeneration, so spinach and carrots are both good. >> this one-day know about, l-tryptophan. >> it makes you sleepy, turkey.
10:33 am
>> it's the turkey and the milk you drink and ate yesterday that will help you sleep today. because there are compounds that tryptophan, they're the building block tore a chemical called serotonin that helps you sleep. but it's the stuff floating around in your blood, not just the stuff you just consumed and it will help the foods chemicals in your blood from the food you ate yesterday. chicken soup absolutely helps with the cold. we found there's ant anti-inflammatory effects in chicken stock. if you put colorful vegetables in there. you get the anti-oxidants. >> i feel it after chicken soup. i feel better. >> is it soot ihing because it' hot and grandmother made it? >> and yogurt, also, in terms of
10:34 am
helping to treat or prevent yeast infections, along with seeing your doctor -- >> and cranberry juice -- >> that's good for bladder infections. >> different but -- >> it's good for everything. >> whatever that is. >> or just take a probiotic, can't you? >> we have to go, isn't it sad? >> we love you. >> i've just gotten started. >> up next -- >> the barbeque sauce was great on the steak, but not on your khakis. the accidental house wife will be right back. welcome to glad tv.
10:35 am
thanks, skyler. let's go to last night's highlights. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips. bingo, falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. . . that's all today for glad tv. [ both ] don't get mad -- get glad!
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10:37 am
the summer is here, which means the red, white and blue of staining has be the summer is here, which means the red, white and blue of staining has begun. >> if sweat isn't turning your whites yellow then it might be watermelon turning them red. julie lily has the answer. she's the author of "the
10:38 am
accidental housewife." your guide to the clean-enough house. >> and we're all off today. >> she only has one glove. >> and i feel naked. >> you always have the right stuff. >> i haven't done a special. >> let's start with sweat stains. >> you know, sweat, this is a no-sweat to deal with, honestly. what causes the yellowing sometimes is the aluminium in the antiperspirants. i tell you what. what you can do to solve this is you take a little baking soda, you take hydrogen peroxide, equal parts, and you create a little paste. and then you use your toothpaste or toothbrush. >> an old one. >> it's not so bad if you use this one, because the peroxide is actually a whitener for your teeth and baking soda gets rid of odors, which is another good thing for sweat stains. you leave it on for about 30 minutes. you'll scrape it off and away be the stain. >> let's move on to beer stains. >> because people get sloppy. >> here, have one. >> no thanks. >> bud likes his buds.
10:39 am
so this brewsky can be dealt with very easily. a squirt of dish detergent. it cleans dishes, also that. and then what you would do is blot the stain. >> i love to blot. >> you don't want to rub it. rubbing would only make it run. if you like dark beer, it's different. then you would use one part vinegar, three parts rubbing alcohol. >> red stains are the toughest. >> barbeque sauce. >> first, you want to get as much as you can off. you do that as you know, i always like to dirty other things. that's what i'm doing today. and then, this is sort of like a science experiment. you would take a little bit of baking soda, yet again, baking soda is great. and vinegar. you would create a little eruption. i just saw william and kate. see the bubbling action helps lift the stain, you leave it on there for a while and launder
10:40 am
as usual. with hydrogen peroxide, test them. if it's a dark color, it might take the color out. so always test on dark colors if you have a stain. >> popsicles. >> one for you. >> why are you talking like that? >> i don't know, i don't have my glove. you take hydrogen peroxide and water, 50/50. and you just douse that baby. there you go. 50% high douydrogen peroxide an water. always put something behind it, so it doesn't create a double stain. >> watermelon. >> i thought your your hair. you would take that off then,
10:41 am
take aim and see, alcohol and hair spray that will actually lift the watermelon stain out. because it's mostly water anyway. >> you put alcohol then? >> or you could use vodka, too. >> why waste it? >> the next one is the blue stain. blueberries and you also have the blackberries over there. you always want to lift whatever the excess is off, and you know -- >> ooh. >> it's -- what do you think i'm eating? it's blueberries. >> but that's brown. >> that's been there for a while. >> we pretreat the stains. we prestain. then you take toothpaste. you put a little bit on there and use your fingers to go in there. >> we've got to go, julie. >> it's been great. >> nice talking to you. hore no ! you gotta come see what's new. c'mon! tadaaa! welcome to haircolor heaven. aa-ah-ahhh! courtesy of new nice 'n easy colorblend foam. permanent, dimensional color, now in a delightful foam! just three shakes, foam it, love it! simply saturate hair root to tip,
10:42 am
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10:43 am
oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. hey, honey, we're all out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? your toilet paper shouldn't be too rough. we're out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? your toilet paper shouldn't be too soft. we're out of toilet paper again. fortunately, angel soft is an ideal balance of softness and strength. unlike other toilet paper that has just one ply, angel soft has two. and it's strong, yet gentle on your skin. ♪ angel soft ♪ an ideal balance of softness and strength ♪
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[ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hotspot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ most most of us treat our dogs like members of the family, or in my house, even better. >> while it's easy to let them and their stuff take over the entire house, which is why i don't have one, there are stylish ways to keep your dog's space organized.
10:46 am
>> interior designer and the "own" network's kristen cunningham is here with us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> congratulations of going to "own." >> we love the personality of the dog coming out. >> just because they're dogs doesn't mean there has to be fluorescent plastic stuff around. they're colorblind anyway. >> this is bullet, the princess. >> we start with the jimmy shoe. she's got the beautiful leather bed. can i give bullet to you. if you're sharing a bedroom with bullet and you're a lady who likes fine things, use those things for the dog, too. we've got vintage little crystal pieces.
10:47 am
lets move over to martin. keep with your interior and do all things like this is a -- >> beautiful. >> this is a labradoodle? >> this is a reclaimed wine barrel. you're not actually putting holes into the cabinet. you can put leashes, dog food. >> big bag like that? >> yeah. trust me he will go through it so fast. martin looks a lot like curtis stone. i don't know if there's a pkt we can show. >> martin is adorable.
10:48 am
>> we're moving on down to dublin. this is the nautical theme. >> this is the nautical theme. >> he's got a crab collar on. this is a family mud room, right. he comes in from the beach, he's got mud paws, this is recycled sail, so it's waterproof and mud proof and all of that. all of the -- sorry, excuse me. all of the leashes and family stuff again can hang from the metal hooks. and all the stuff is in one place, it matches your home's interior. >> that is cute. >> and the nautical flag bowl down there as well. >> let's move on to bad to the bone. >> we've got mia. >> tell us about this theme. >> mia is a tough little girl. >> she's not the princess. she looks things that are a little more rock 'n' roll. >> little more rough and tumble? >> right. so we've got a tool box. you've got a place for the bones. you know where that is. all the supplies for the food down here. she's got a little leather bed. >> and look at the little leather bed. she's got a cigar, because,
10:49 am
she's rough and tumble. >> how pricey is the stuff that you're putting in the rooms? >> that's the funny thing, there's a few things from dog @n specialty stores, but a lot of is from flea markets. use stuff that's not necessarily for the dogs and you won't pay the designer dog store price mark-ups. >> that is a very cute idea. >> thanks for bringing your puppies in. up next, sara takes some innocent tourists under her wing on some of new york city's most famous destinations, but first,
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
♪ a book is coming out. >> yes. it is time for another installment of "sara in the city." >> when sara steps out of her comfort zone to try out a new york job here in the city. and how did that turn out? >> we'll see. with new york city being such a big tourist destination and so
10:53 am
many people headed to the hudson for the fourth of july fireworks, my curiosity of my /n own city was piqued. i took a spin around the island to try out my wit and wisdom as a tour guide on the circle line ferry. today i'm going to learn how to be a circle line tour guide. for more than 60 years they've been giving boat tours around new york city. i've always seen the boats, but have actually never been on one. so i'm really excited. >> hello, welcome aboard the circle line. >> hi. the veteran tour guide, chris mason has been with circle line for 26 years. >> we're going to show you the ropes. >> 185 feet long, this ferry can hold up to 600 passengers. >> what, as a tour guide, do i need to be ready to do? >> they need to know where the life jackets are. you want to tell them what's on the boat. your concession stand, your cocktails. >> cocktails? >> he must know that i work with kathie lee and hoda. the tour covers everything, from the empire state building to the statute of liberty to yankee stadium.
10:54 am
>> you are getting everything. you're getting on the three-hour tour, they offer different trips. >> will you please sing that? ♪ a three-hour tour >> a great tour guide must show personality, and sparkle. so i've got to do an audition to display my public speaking skills. >> i'm going to hand you the mike. >> hey in the back, hey. >> and brush up on my stuff from new york city. >> this is your guide to being a tour guide. >> i've got some homework. >> you've got homework. >> i might make up some stuff, but i can do it. now i'm in the bowels of the ship to get my official uniform on. see you in a few minutes. okay. reporting for duty.fn! before i get started, there's just one thing i'm dying to do. >> i'm the queen of the world!
10:55 am
>> the circle line is breaking in a new tour guide. i'll turn over the mike. >> thank you for humoring me. i promise, we'll let chris make sure you get the meat and the bones of the tour and i'll jump in with play with money. that's how we roll. now onto the tour, one of the highlights, the brooklyn bridge. >> steve brody made his famous jump from this bridge to win a $200 bet. that guy totally was taken on that bet. who took the tour today to learn something? i need to see a show of hands. who took it because you guys were just tired and wanted to ride a boat? yeah, that's what i thought. cool. as part of my job as a tour guide, i must mix and mingle with the passengers. so you guys are here, celebrating -- >> our 46th anniversary. >> can i have some of your pretzel? just a little bite. i got to wash it down. so how did i do?
10:56 am
>> she did very well. >> did you learn anything from me? >> no. i was telling my mom more than what you were saying. but that's all good. >> i miss you guys. this one's for you. >> always thinking of us. >> that was cute. >> thank you, sara. >> you should have seen how many jokes i threw out there that were not received. i was like -- >> you're funny. >> i was not funny at all. i could not have bought a joke at that point. >> we love you, sara. >> sometimes you really earn your keep, don't you? tomorrow, why we can't remember the little things. >> what? >> and then what we should worry about. st> plus, what the what and the s e summer hair, hoda-woman. you tomorrow for you tomorrow for wines-day. -- captions by vitac --
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